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I See You! In Fact, I Know You!

You are the success-driven man or woman, answering your calling

You want to have a sense of peace, satisfaction, and freedom in your life knowing that you are producing consistent results doing what you love.

You want to start a new business or venture that aligns with your passion.

You want to produce massive value for others in your business and want to increase or double your income while fulfilling your calling. AND YOU FEEL STUCK!

What You First Need is Clarity!

A Clear Path. One that will help you to not only identify what you want but also to give you a process in getting there!

You Have Come to the Right Place

I will help you identify the top things in your life that are most meaningful to you so you can finally be clear

I will equip you with the strategies to succeed to help you achieve massive results in your life

I will help you to use your inner-programming to your advantage so you will finally breakthrough the obstacles that are holding you back from starting a career, getting that promotion, or doubling your business income.

You'll finally be clear about the steps you need to take to be happy, and fulfilled

So, what I want to do is to offer you a Get Clear, Get a Promotion or Double Your Business Income Coaching Session

Where you’ll:

  • Create a crystal clear vision for your career or business so you are clear about what you want and how to get it
  • Reveal hidden obstacles that may be sabotaging your ability to get started, get your promotion or to increase or double your business income
  • Leave this session revived, revitalized, and motivated to finally take the next steps towards starting that new career or business, getting the promotion you deserve or doubling your business income

So what are you waiting for?

I can only coach a limited number of people at a time. So you'll have to hurry.

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What I loved best about working with Dr. Gwen is her ability to make me feel at ease and safe with the whole process. I felt her authenticity coming from her heart. It gave me a sense of life direction and purpose. Talking with you guided me on what to concentrate on in my life which allows me to get results and feel fulfilled more often. Dr. Gwen Smith is a compassionate, loving, organic human being. Her heart is so pure and her love and passion to help people is so real. She is a gift to people. And I am truly grateful to having her as one of my mentors and my friend in life. If you're thinking about taking advantage of her program...Stop thinking and go for it. It would cost you more not to have her in your life.
Rizza Francisco
Thank you for providing information to help guide me in the making of workshops and retreats. It helped me organized my thoughts and planning strategy. Dr. Gwen is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and provides valuable insight.
Dr. Carolina RaeburnMindset Mentor
Dr. Gwen is brilliantly insightful at guiding you through the process of finding your passion. She has a unique combination of intuitiveness coupled with the grounding and predictability of the scientific process. Her gentle and happy demeanor makes it easy for you to relax and trust her care while she walks you step by step to uncovering and clarifying your unique passion. She goes on to provide you with the tools you need to truly integrate your passions into each decision you make for the rest of your life. Thank you Dr. Gwen. You are a gem!
Maureen Miller
I am very impressed by the thoroughness and accuracy of The Passion Test. The methodology is very precise and I felt as if undergoing an eye exam as we tested each passion for the strongest feeling and focus. Dr. Gwen has the expertise, love, patience and compassion to lead one through a refining process of discovering true passions! At times I felt conflicted and she coached me to just relax and feel. I am so happy and excited with my Passion Test results! I feel empowered by my new tools to make important decisions in my life! I feel the freedom of knowing what I truly care about and how to guide and align my actions and goals! Thank you so much Dr. Gwen!
Jennifer FolayanAloha Sales & Marketing 101, LLC
Working with Dr. Smith was amazing. I...recently had a chance to work with her again to do the passion test. She is so much fun to work with and at the same time she is very professional, sincere and assuring. She doesn't get tired of explaining and is very patient. She loves what she does and cares about her clients. The passion test was an eye opener for me and quite exciting, and now I'm thrilled to review my life and rearrange my priorities based on the result I got!
Negin Vatanian
Taking the Passion Test let me connect with my heart and really take a look at what gave me energy and called me forward. Working with Dr. Gwen was a delight: she was patient and kept me focused on the important stuff. I am now using what I learned from the Passion Test to move forward in many areas of my life!
Catherine Bugayong
The passion test is powerful and timely. In this 5th decade of my life I have been seeking direction and focus. Working through the passion test produced not only those results but also clarity. It is now so clear what’s on my heart and mind. My soul rejoices. A special thank you to Dr. Gwen for her contributions to my life. I highly recommend this test! Life begins anew! It will do the same for you!
Millie Johnson
Wow, is all I can say about the passion test given by Dr. Gwen. I have never thought about what my passion is for my 38 years of life. I had an idea of what it could be, but after the passion test I now know. The test is clarifying and insightful. I would recommend to everyone that is not sure what their passion is
Larry Conner
What impacts me the most is that Gwen always relates to me as a leader with huge potential and as a friend. It's evident to me is that her encouragement and unrelenting stand for my having what I want in my life comes from an uniquely authentic place. My coaching with Dr. Gwen has been focused on business growth and personal fulfillment. I've recently experienced a 100% increase in business revenue due to Gwen addressing my integrity, passion, faith and communication.
Allen WicksBusiness Owner
"Dr. Gwen coaches with integrity, commitment and passion for her clients’ success. Through her guidance, I was able to merge my business with my passion to help those less fortunate. She helped me develop a plan and empowered me to implement it. Through these efforts, I created a path for the United Way to work with the Multi-family Industry to provide homes for homeless families. The partnership has already provided 30 homes, and is poised to grow much bigger. Because of the leadership skills Dr. Gwen Helped me develop, I am recognized as an influential leader in my industry."
Theresa LeatherburyCPM® President and CEO, Rachuba Group
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