To ALL Professionals who have had challenges in their lives…

“Now’s Your Chance To Achieve Massive Breakthroughs And Live The Life Of Your Dreams!”

Give me just a few short minutes and I will show you how to live life to your fullest! What you’re going to discover is the true secret to breaking down all your barriers and have nothing holding you back from designing the life you’ve always dreamed about.


No matter what life has dealt you in the past, I’m going to teach you how to discover your true purpose in life and to finally live the life of your dreams. I will show you the secret to breakthrough achievements. Nothing will ever hold you back anymore! Let’s get started.


Hi, My name is Gwen Smith and I’m an internationally sought after Breakthrough Performance Coach. I provide coaching, training and inspirational resources that help professionals gain clarity, overcome self-limitations and achieve breakthrough results in their lives, relationships and work.


I feel it’s important for you to know why you should listen to me. First I’m a mother of three adult children who are all living successful passionate lives to this very moment. My journey has not been an easy one. Like you, there were many challenges in my early life, especially as a young married mom with a marriage partner that was non-supporting and absent. I was alone raising my children.



The one thing I had was fight and determination. I needed to get out of that circumstance and make myself a better woman and model for my children what success means. And with this increased wisdom, I have been able to better the lives of other women.


During my embattled relationship I kept a steady focus. I was able to complete coursework for two advanced degrees while holding leadership positions which were quite demanding of my time. School was my ‘drug’ that kept me sane so I could be fully with my children without ever having neglected their care and love. My friends called me supermom, but I knew better. It wasn't easy but I succeeded.


There were strategies that I used to help me reach my goals. These strategies now empower thousands of women in their lives to do the same, especially while raising kids. They discovered they don’t have to sacrifice their kids or their dreams. They can have both. And I’ll show you how.


As a life coach I’ll teach you these powerful strategies, and will help you open up your mind to discover what you are most passionate about in your life… to fulfill your dreams, to reach your goals, and to satisfy a deep desire to raise successful kids.


I’ll help you break through the destructive limiting beliefs and barriers in your life, and equip you with tools that you are able to carry on to your successes - not just in your work but also in your relationships, and most importantly in your life.


I’ll empower you to live your life in a massively big way, to become who you’ve always wanted to be, but perhaps were too scared to take the first step to become.


Today, as an internationally sought after expert and coach, I empower women just like you to live their dreams, sculpted from my experience-trodden path. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel of failures and breakdown in fulfilling what you really want. I’ll guide you on just how to achieve your dreams and goals and destroy the self-limiting beliefs trying to stop you.


If you are hungry for more in your life, relationships, or work, then I’d like to connect with you. I have the elixir for your growth and power, and would like the opportunity to work with you.


I believe in women living passionate, fulfilling and self-sufficient lives having limitless possibilities to achieving their goals, dreams and happiness.


Here are the things that I can help you with:


  1. Identify your top 5 passions and find a business or work that aligns with them to bring you joy in your life and work

  2. Overcoming the limiting beliefs and fears that stop you, and producing breakthrough results in your life, work, and relationships

  3. Prioritizing and achieving what matters most to you in your life, and working to have unrestrained happiness, joy, and fulfillment in your life.


If you’re feeling a burn in your belly for something more in your life and need intuitive coaching and guiding resources to help you get there powerfully, then you owe it to yourself to set an appointment with me to discover the opportunity of your lifetime.


I’d like you to know that I’m very selective about the clients I choose to work with. I love working with clients who are serious about their success. You'll first book the appointment on my calendar and then complete an application. You will receive a preliminary confirmation and that confirmation remains unless you do not meet the pre-requisite. 


If you you’ve got that burning desire and are hungry for more in your life, relationship or work, complete the application below and I’ll reach out to you for a free discovery session.


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