How To Achieve Success Sooner, Rather Than Later?

By: Dr. Gwen

Focus is a critical process in achieving what you really want. There are other areas, of course, and  we will discuss those in future blogs. For now let’s concentrate on focus.

Often you dissipate your forces and your energies by having many “priorities” that you are dealing with simultaneously. This only slows the process, complicates the clarity of what you are working to achieve and creates indecision and confusion in your mind surrounding what you should be working on.  Sometimes multiple priorities are necessary; however, if you are not able to delegate your efficiency level at getting to success is compromised.

What are some of the things that you currently have that you are working on? Make a list, prioritize them in the order of what’s important to you, and then tackle the items in that order. Get to a certain level of automation or success in that item before moving to the other. For some, and depending on what it is, it may be possible to take on more than one area simultaneously. However in those cases, success is more likely when one of those areas is already automated, so you are in effect only focusing on one to develop. An example of this would be having a full time job that you really know very well, and then starting a new network marketing business, for example. Rather than focusing on two, you need only focus on one, because the other is already automated.

Stop dividing yourself in so many different directions. Increase your power and effectiveness: Get Focused!

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Can I Have More Than One Passion? What About My Purpose?

By: Dr. Gwen Smith

A resounding yes! Passion is what lights you up and energizes you. It often coincides with your gifts and talents. It is also very different from your purpose. You passion should help you find your purpose and not the other way around. Your passion gives direction to why you are here (your purpose), and fulfilling on the passion to serve others creates an opening for you to discover your purpose. There may be quite a number of things that you are passionate about, but only one purpose. We are creating some interesting materials which will help in your discovery, so keep coming back to our website to learn more. In the interim, however, you can help to identify your passion by being observant to the way you feel when doing a certain task. When you are passionate about what you are doing, you certainly lose track of time. That is one sure sign. I was asked this question: If I am having a difficult time in a particular area that I suspect is my passion, does that mean that I have not found the right area?

My response to this is that it depends on where the difficulties and challenges lie. In my own experience, if the difficulties and hesitation originate internally from questioning thoughts and less than positive feelings about what you are doing, then you have probably not found what you are passionate about. Conversely, if the difficulties and challenges originate externally, and in the midst of this you still have joyous thoughts and excitement about what you are doing, then this could possibly be an area of passion for you to explore further. Only you can really know this. It is totally aligned with how you feel about it. You can be really good at something but not feel passionate about it. Put each area to the test by DOING the thing you think is your passion.

The grave mistake many parents make is in choosing the area that they feel their children need to take. Our world is filled with many unhappy workers. They hate what they do. Don’t do this to your child. One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is the gift of choice, and with that the freedom to explore likes and dislikes. Pay attention to what they spend hours doing. This could give you a clue. Then, find resources to support them in their choice. This is how they will discover if it is real.

And, for you parents, spend some time really thinking about and searching your feelings on what you really love to do, then go out and do it. Step outside of your comfort zone. Let go, and ACT!  You will find the greatest joy of life ever is living your passion and purpose. Check out some of Dr. Gwen’s podcasts to find resources on moving forward. What do you think is your passion? How can you tell?

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