Do You Wish For a Breakthrough? Then Let Go and ACT!

By: Dr. Gwen Smith

If you are operating inside of your comfort zone you are operating inside of what you already know and do and consequently you will continue to get the same results you already have. To achieve and accomplish any worthwhile and ambitious goal requires that you step outside of your comfort zone. This often involves wrestling the knowledge and subconscious thoughts programmed within, having a willingness to examine new ideas and ways of being, and stepping out in action to execute the steps commensurate with your goals. Your subconscious thoughts are a reflection of your former external stimuli which you have internalized over time and created “truths” around: upbringing, surroundings, education, choices, religion and the decisions we made about those experiences. If these stimuli or experiences produce self-limiting beliefs, the obvious result will be unwittingly imposed limitations to your performance and consequent natural inhibitors of your exponential growth and breakthrough performance. Examine this thought: You may have to let go of some of your past influences to really, truly get ahead and produce a breakthrough in your life. How willing are you? Share some of your past inhibitors to your progress, that must be let go and what actions you need to begin to take for you to truly excel?

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How Do You Pursue Your Passion?

By: Dr.Gwen Smith

To live a totally passionate and purposeful life you must know what it is that makes your heart sing,  what it is that makes you happy and fulfilled, that if you were not being paid for it and if income were not an issue, you would do it in perpetuity. The inner core of your being ‘knows’ what makes your heart sing. When you are in tune with this inner voice, it leads you to make the choices which align with your purpose. If ever you find yourself adrift, unhappy and unfocused, you can be certain that you are not operating from your core self.

Money cannot be the main reason why you seek your vocation. For if this is the only reason, you will continue to make one poor choice after another, ending in frustration and possibly failure of the ventures you pursue. Listening to your inner voice without engaging reason will often help you to avert frustration and failure more frequently. Because our conditioned mind is set to keep us doing what we are familiar with though it may not fulfill us. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is sometimes required to live a life of purpose and passion. Yet, stepping out is uncomfortable, and this is where many of us are stopped. To live purposely and passionately requires being bold enough to feel the discomforts and fear and proceed anyway. 

Other obstacles in our path sometimes stop us too. A major obstacle is money. Money should never drive your choice of a career or vocation, or should never be allowed to stop you. Find a way to enroll those around you in your passion and perhaps you will find them willing to partner with you to offer some of the services you need to get started. Spending time in providing impeccable services to others in your area of passion will most certainly guarantee the financial freedom that you seek.

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