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How to Have the Business or Job of Your Dreams-Part 2


By: Dr. Gwen Smith


When you are clear about what you want, its simple to set up a plan for how to get there. In your job search or promotion phase, this is where the creation is needed.


I call this phase Creation in the ACT Breakthrough ModelTM. It requires some mental preparation for which some physical work may be needed.


A few of these physical or practical work includes preparation of your resume, preparation of your talking points, collation of your most impeccable creation, and mindset preparation.


Mindset is everything because it sets the tone for how you are perceived as you enter and participate in the interview.


In many cases, when there are equally qualified candidates and in a few cases when qualifications are not equal, attitude and energy can give you a winning edge. Some employers feel, and verbalize, that attitude is hard to adjust whereas skillset is not.


A person who is lacking skillset can always be trained and developed. More than just a few employers are willing to take the risk of hiring a lower skilled candidate over one that shows more competence when attitude is a factor.


Having hired and supervised thousands of people over decades of my career, I find that there is a lot of practical support for operating from this perspective. You just can't put a price on a positive work environment that pleasant employees contribute to.


As you watch the latest Facebook Live training, keep in mind that there are three main areas that trained interviewers rate in participants:

  • Knowledge—about the job
  • Motivation—for the position and roles
  • Behavior—as explained with results for the skills being asked about.


This technique is discussed with examples in the Facebook Live video that follows:



As you prepare to win over the committee in your favor, don't forget to show work or creativity displaying leadership and initiative. For example, if you've written a book or if you have a collation of portfolio items relating to the position (or not), these are good to bring along as you may be able to do a bit of show and tell with them when answering questions such as: "Tell us about yourself", or "Why are you the best candidate for the position?"


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