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Can You Make Thousands or Even Millions Online?

By: Dr. Gwen Smith

A very common question about affiliate internet marketing is whether or not it is possible to actually make money to earn a good living.  The question is often how much can be made? There are people who are literally making tens of thousands of dollars and even millions from the Internet. There are also people who are literally struggling to do the same. What separates the two? It is either one or a combination of the following factors: training and education, the price and type of products offered, the associated commission levels of the products, the source of traffic, and people’s ability to understand the economics of advertising.


Training and education is an important factor in internet marketing. There is definitely a science to it that some are not even the slightest bit aware of: tracking your lead sources, open rates, conversion rates and split testing landing pages and ads, among other important details. To learn more on how to do this, subscribe to my email for a free video that will get you on the right track: here.

The cost of the products and what people online are interested in, is also important. Typically high ticket items with generous commissions will attract a higher earning potential. Also, marketing what is important to others is critical. You should have a great idea about what people are searching for, and to offer products in concert with what they are looking for. In the last blog, I outlined some resources to use for keyword searches that will help you identify what people are looking for. If this is not followed, you will have products you are holding on to for a long time.


Additionally, products that are evergreen (always in demand) should be the main focus of marketing throughout the year. Selling Easter eggs, in the summer, as an example, will not typically promote success. Some great areas are: making money, love and health. Being successful online is not limited to these areas, however. You can find micro-niched areas that could also be very profitable. Searching for list providers in your niche can be very beneficial. For internet marketers and business opportunity individuals, this website may be helpful.


Larger commissions on big ticket items are great. By subscribing to my list here, you will access a free video with more details on how you can benefit from these large ticket items. I have personally found this program to be extremely valuable, not only for the income it provides, but also for the professionalism, training and education provided for you to start making money online while learning how to become an expert for marketing  your own products. Keep in mind that if you choose to do smaller ticket items, your commissions will be significantly less and you would need to sell greater volume in order to compare to the larger ticket items. You make the choice.  


Targeted traffic is probably the most important element in internet marketing. You can target traffic in several ways. Most people have heard of “free” traffic through Search Engine Optimization. With many of the most recent changes in Google algorithms, many once successful businesses relying on this method have toppled overnight. While SEO is a decent alternative to paid traffic, it has some risks to your building a long term business due to the uncertainty of how Google will change the algorithms in the future.  Other forms of traffic sources are videos on YouTube and also your warm market (friends, family and associates).


Paid traffic is what online marketing experts use to make thousands and millions of dollars. Some sources of paid traffic are: Google, Facebook, Solo Ads, Banner Ads and believe it or not, direct mail. You should find one area of traffic to focus on and to become and expert in before moving to the others. It requires patience to test and tweak the process. Once you are successful making money, then its time to scale up your advertising, but not before. Do not dump more money into an ad that is not making you money. This is foolish, more of the same is not always better, and certainly not in this scenario.

There is also an economic factor to doing traffic, and understanding how much to pay for an ad that will generate a sale is of maximum importance. A lack of understanding in this can spell disaster to your budget and income earning potential. You must know how much you can afford to spend on an ad to get a single customer. It is all based on economics.

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