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How To Ensure Your Business Thrives Instead of Strives—TRANSFORMATION

  By: Dr. Gwen Smith   Profitability in business requires transformation not just in the way you do business, but most importantly and foremost, in your personal life, SELF as well as in how we interact with our ENVIRONMENT and … Read More

How To Ensure Your Business Thrives Instead of Strives—CREATION

  By: Dr. Gwen Smith   Thriving in business is what everyone starts a business to do, yet many continue to strive and many fail. Clarity in business cannot be overstated. Everything rises and falls on you being clear about … Read More

What Your History Reveals About You

By: Dr. Gwen Smith   Have you ever noticed that you keep having the same experiences in life repeatedly? You seem to have the same relationships over the history of your life, but with different people. Or others seem to … Read More

What I Learned From Having a Stroke

  By: Dr. Gwen Smith   I’ve been really taking it easy and being quite laid back, mentally, after being forced to do so physically. A tiny clot passing through my brain resulted in a stroke which left my arm … Read More

High Ticket Affiliate Businesses that Make You Money

By: Dr. Gwen Smith   Affiliate marketing is an excellent side income business opportunity that could earn you money to replace your income at whatever level of income you are. There are some opportunities that will help you to get … Read More

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