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An Interview With Kimra Luna On Online Business Success

  By: Dr. Gwen Smith I had an opportunity to interview Kimra Luna a successful online business and branding specialist. Watch the interview below about what creates success in online business and what it takes to win. Kimra also shares … Read More

What Your History Reveals About You

By: Dr. Gwen Smith   Have you ever noticed that you keep having the same experiences in life repeatedly? You seem to have the same relationships over the history of your life, but with different people. Or others seem to … Read More

What I Learned From Having a Stroke

  By: Dr. Gwen Smith   I’ve been really taking it easy and being quite laid back, mentally, after being forced to do so physically. A tiny clot passing through my brain resulted in a stroke which left my arm … Read More

How to Be Happy Even While Your Goals Are Unfulfilled

  By: Dr. Gwen Smith   I encounter a number of people who are searching for happiness as they seem to helplessly scramble through the details of their lives, stressing over their immediate circumstances and thereby increasing their anguish and … Read More

What it Really Takes to Raise or Double Your Career or Business Income

  By: Dr. Gwen Smith   As a type-A personality who has accomplished huge successes in my careers in the past decades, it was a huge eye-opening experience when I discovered that breaking through all previous limits I had achieved … Read More

How to Have the Business or Job of Your Dreams-Part 1

  By: Dr. Gwen Smith   You may have come across information on how to find your passion in your career or business. There’s no shortage of information available and some are quite good. Others however are not mindful of … Read More

5 Secrets to Propel Your Success-Part 4

  By: Dr. Gwen Smith   We’ve all heard about ‘crabs in a barrel’ which we interpret to be those people around us who try to pull us back with their words, their attitudes towards us, and their actions against … Read More

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