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How to Create a Habit of Results


By: Dr. Gwen Smith


Many people fall victim to repeated lack of results that wear them down, causing diminished self-esteem, self-confidence, guilt and unhappiness.


They feel trapped by the choices they made in the past that are so deeply ingrained in their present day to day life producing a habit of lack of results.


The habit was first formed by something that triggered the action, and you got some type of reward for acting that way. Maybe the break you took was great because you got out of the situation temporarily. Then by doing it repeatedly your habit was formed.



The great thing about this situation is that, just as much as the choice was previously made to procrastinate, and is now a habit, the same process of choice can be made to reverse it. Yet, the habit may not be as simple to reverse, depending on what it is and who you are.


For sure there are many reasons why people procrastinate. Reasons can range from boredom, to confusion, to wanting instant gratification to a diminished view of oneself and perception of lack of ability.


Regardless of the reason however, the after feelings of guilt and helplessness can be real and debilitating.


Tackling the procrastination bubble to finally get results may also be as varied as the cause itself, and may produce different results over different time periods depending on who and what.


Researchers show that it may occur in as little as 18 days and as long as 245 days depending on who you are and what habit you're trying to build. On average a good 66 days or 2 to 8 months is a reasonable enough expectation.


From my own experience, in working with clients and reading the various research, there are some definite patterns that evolve if you want to be on your way to eliminating the trap in the procrastination bubble.


First you have become a 'noticer' of yourself.

What this means is you must be fully aware of who you tell yourself that you are, the limiting beliefs and voices you have built up inside and how you view your procrastination issues.


Do you see yourself as permanently stuck and hopeless? Or do you know that you can transform this situation and turn it around? While arriving at the latter is not necessarily a simple path, due to subconscious programming, it is entirely possible, and forms the foundation for many people beginning their journey of transformation, be it in procrastination or other areas of their lives.


Second, you'll need to redefine who you believe you are.


Set a solid intention of who exactly you want to become, regardless of whether or not you feel at the moment that you are capable of becoming it. It's a start.


Start making choices consistent with who you've defined the new you to be. Also, visualize yourself doing it even before you start. This is very important and will help you build a muscle for results habit.


I did this with my workout routine. Those of you who know me know that the workout routine is one of my least favorite thing to do, yet I built a routine using these exact steps.


Each morning I have a set routine: drinking two glasses of water, going to the bathroom, meditating then before I roll out of bed, I visualize myself putting on my workout clothes and going down to the basement to workout. The mornings when I don't do this, it becomes more of a struggle as I catch my brain wanting to move on to visualize what's next. I literally have to bring my mind back to picturing this before I feel sort of settled to do it. Otherwise, Ill skip it.


It really works. I've been on that routine for over a year now, and have kept up with it despite how I feel about it.


Which brings me to the third point:


Get in action to cure your procrastination and get results. Tiny steps is all it takes. Start off with something you know for sure that you've been putting off, and that you can get done. Build a routine out of that, then increase with something else.


The biggest challenge that I see people having is that they want to climb a mountain before they can get over the molehill. Start small, otherwise you will frustrate yourself and quit.


Find your passion and do it. You know this is not going to be missing from my blog! 🙂 A lot of procrastination cures will be fully effective if you're doing what you love.


Then get an accountability partner to support you. Put something at stake if you cant and then finally, do what the most successful 5-8% of people who get results do, get a trusted mentor and guide who will help you to tackle the self-limiting beliefs, fears, confusion and lack of results, and equip you with skills to take on your own success for many futures to come.


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