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Are You Focusing On the Wrong Areas to Boost Your Results and Success?


By: Dr. Gwen Smith


The one thing I know is how to get results, not just in my life, but also in the lives of others I have the distinct privilege of working with. Getting results is a way of life for me.



I have found that getting results are tied to just more than the actual working at the tasks. There are other hidden factors that you may not be aware of that impact whether or not you stay on track, are able to focus or have the tenacity to complete what you start.


We are all very good at creating what we want in our thoughts and minds, we call it our goals, will or desire. But your will as you are probably already aware of, isn't sufficient to get you results. Not only do you have to get in action around that will, but you also are at the mercy of the hidden forces that dictate how successful you will be.


The truth of the matter is that you have control over those hidden forces, once you become tuned in to them. And many continue to fall short of their expectations simply because they are not aware of what these forces are, or the elements, more accurately, that affect these forces.


This conversation is not about the subconscious mind, which is a main factor. Rather, its about the factors that allow you to impact the subconscious mind to give you the results you want via reprogramming.


Listen now as I share my Facebook Live video about what some of these factors are: 


If you want results and you want to see the results impacting you on a personal level so that your sense of fulfillment and satisfaction can be enhanced, then its time to become aware of the elements that affect the forces that drive your results.  


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