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From Passion to Results: Guaranteeing Your Success

goal-976853_1920By: Dr. Gwen Smith

 Scouting online a couple months ago, I saw a comment by someone who had just figured out his passion. His comments were, "I know my passion now, but I don't know what’s next." The question, "What's next?" is a great one, and no doubt others are asking it. The answers are quite simple, though not easy. What you choose to do with the answers will really determine whether or not your success can be guaranteed. In this Part I, we will look at the mechanics of getting your passions realized once you've discovered them. In Part II (the next article) we'll look at your blueprint that you bring to the equation. The simple formula CLARITY + ACTION + YOUR BLUEPRINT = SUCCESS will clarify a lot of things for you in completing both Parts I and II. You may see where you are possibly missing the mark. In this article we will discuss ACTION and in the next, Part II we will discuss YOUR BLUEPRINT and how it influences your results.

How do you get from passions to results?

Discovering your passions create CLARITY, however, what about your results? A natural response is to develop a clear set of action plans from your passions much like you do in business meetings and perhaps your personal life. However, dreams and passions can be quite broad and deriving action plans directly from broader passions and dreams require intermediate steps to simplify the process. One process can look like goal-setting to produce actionable steps to take. Let's explore this.

Five important steps to get you in action
  1. 1.  Identify your passions and dreams
  2.  2. Create the milestones and goals, working from end to beginning
  3.  3. Develop the strategies
  4.  4.Reduce to action steps
  5.  5. Evaluate and adjust continuously
Identify your passions and dreams

Identifying your passion and dreams can be quite simple for some and yet not so much for others. To set goals and to have them achieved first requires clarity about what you want to achieve. Without first having clarity, nothing else will work. If you are not clear about what it is that you want to achieve, you may as well give up before you waste your time. You will just be 'spinning wheels'. 

If you need clarity about what your passions are, you may visit our website for our contact information at the link below this article and we will help you discover your top five passions. Assuming you are already clear about what you are working to achieve, we’ll proceed using specific examples to make our points. 

Let’s say your passion is inspiring millions of people around the world to take on global peace. That’s a huge goal and it’s great. However, how do you even begin to achieve that?

Create the milestones and goals, working backwards

We know passions are seldom, if ever, end goals; however, you can make a goal out of it. So, working from the end, backwards, we will give it an 'end' time to be achieved; let’s say five years. We also would want to make it measurable and specific so we can track our progress along the way: So, we will connect with 10 million people in 60 countries. We’ll say this is our end goal in five years. This looks like 2 million people in 12 countries each year, and approximately 166,667 per month, 38,462 weekly and 5,495 daily. That’s very specific and measurable. However we still do not have a strategy of how we are going to do this. This is where our brainstorming is needed to identify some possible strategies to get us to our goals. This may look different depending on the types of goals to be achieved. For this example some strategies may be speaking to large crowds, some may be meeting heads of nations, and some may be mobilizing leaders in communities across the globe to duplicate your efforts, and possibly more.

Develop the action steps

This process calls for clear steps that are measurable with start dates, end dates, who’s responsible for each item and what budget, if any, is needed to fulfill the goals. You may want to choose to do a monthly action. This looks like 166,667 people to reach monthly. Next, you will specify your strategies in measurable terms on how you plan to get this done:

  1. Speaking at Rallies (4 rallies per month--could do more or less)—Projected reach 90,500
  2. Meeting with world leaders (1 in each country per month--note this is 12 per year)—Projected reach (50,000)
  3. Mobilizing leaders (10 leaders, each reaching their networks--could do more or less)—Projected (26,500)

These total approximately, your 166,667 people. It is clear that these three strategies are still broad and require actionable items—what I call sub-items—to be place on your to do list or in your calendars to get done on specific dates.

For example, looking at the first item, you may require advocates and volunteers to help you to coordinate the event. This will mean that phone calls are added to the list of things to do as well as research on locations, identification of dates and other preparatory work. Typically asking who, what, where, when, why and how will have you figuring the details to plan the event for the level of action required.

Evaluate and adjust on an on-going basis

Organizing monthly or weekly feedback sessions to track progress and tweak the steps are important. Planning your action items this way guarantees that you achieve what you set out to, as long as you maintain clarity and take actions and remain open to what shows up. This is where the adjustment is needed. A danger to you would be to believe that every single action step you have laid out will show up exactly as you have laid them out. They may not. It’s important to go with the flow of what shows up as long as you are doing everything you know to do. Just always know that the Divine knows best, and be prepared to follow a better plan, believing that it is best. This belief process will usher us into Part II of our discussion. Watch for Part II.

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