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If You Want To Gain Clients and Have All But Given Up, Here’s Hope

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microphone-1018787_1920By: Dr. Gwen Smith

You can end your struggles to get clients by making a simple addition to your business. Podcasting, besides being a great promotional tool, is a terrific way for you to verbalize the passion you have for your topic and also make a difference for you and your business. Whatever your niche is there is a place for you in the podcast market. The sky’s the limit in regards to how a podcast show can be used. When podcasting first came on the scene, it was used mainly for sports, news and other such events. Now its popularity has gained so much ground that there’s a plethora of shows and formats to choose from, and there’s quite a variety to suite everyone’s needs.

According to USA Today (2013), “Anyone who's anyone has a podcast these days. And they're finding millions of listeners.” Data quoted in 2013 reveals the number of subscriptions to podcasts on iTunes.  Subscriptions had surpassed 1 billion and that number did not include Android users! Clearly there is a growing trend that will make a difference for you getting your message heard and being noticed.

The Trend

The podcasting trend is definitely on the upswing, as internet, auxiliary jacks and bluetooth grace the rides of motorists, and as newer cars are being equipped with updated technology connections—Android Auto and Apple Carplay respectively.

A recent Forbes Magazine article quoted a study that shows that ‘vastly more cars will have Internet connections in the next few years. When that happens, and there are podcasts in everybody’s car, it’s not podcasts anymore, it’s just the radio.” And even without car internet connections, most people have smartphones with internet connections that they can now listen to their favorite show while they drive.

This is wonderful news particularly as most people spend hours daily in commute.

Have you ever been on a long distance trip travelling between states while listening to some great music or topic only to find everything going fuzzy as you cross the state lines? I have, and I know how frustrating it can be at times, especially when a similar station cannot be found.

I remember dreaming about designing a system to that would allow me to automatically find a similar radio station in the new state so I could continue listening to the genre of music I liked. Well, I did not create it, and now that I’ve thrown the idea out there, perhaps one of my readers will take this on and tell me about how this post inspired the design.

I now see podcasting as the tool to be my long distance travel buddy providing me extended, selective listening to what I desire to hear at any time.  

Why Does Podcasting Carry Such a Huge Clout?
It Builds Instant Credibility

Aside from the reasons previously cited, podcasts are even more advantageous than videos for those commuting long hours. With a simple ear piece, a driver can listen and not suffer the temptation of watching a video on their phone while driving. By doing so, there’s continuous interaction with the information or source being shared and also with you the host.

The advantages to you as a host are numerous, the most obvious being that you have the opportunity to interact on a much deeper level than with writing. Your listeners can hear tonality, emotions and a message you bring thereby developing a better sense of who you are as a person. This builds relationships on a much faster scale allowing your audience to get to know, like and trust you even so much faster than with emails or other written forms. This can amount to increased sales for you in promoting your products and services.

These days separating yourself from the pack gives you credibility not just in the eyes of your peers, but also in the eyes of your customers. Imagine what this can mean for your customer base? Whether you’re a hobbyist, a scientist, an educator, an author, a coach, a thought leader, a speaker, a mechanic, a photographer, a cook; whatever you do, there’s an audience out there waiting for you and there’s an impact that can be made on what you’re currently doing by having your own podcast show.

Authors have sold more books, speakers have booked more speaking gigs and other opportunities have become available to others by getting their messages heard.  

Imagine what the possibility for your business and your client base to have your show published in the podcasting directories. Or, if you don’t have a show you can begin to bring value to others by interviewing other experts as well. What could be possible for you?

Though it’s great to be on someone else’s show, the flexibility of promoting your own brand and your own show on a continuous basis, building a following and to promoting your message consistently creates strong credibility almost instantaneously. The power of audio is definitely a shortcut in building those important relationships. And sound that the consumer has the ability to choose in an evergreen format is even more powerful.

Clearly the importance of getting on this platform sooner rather than later, is a fantastic way to boost your message, your image and brand, and consequently your services and products. You can teach anything with a podcast show, and address common issues or concerns of your audience as you solve their problems. .

It is Evergreen

Evergreen content is content that is timeless. Typically, because time of day, dates and other such factors are not mentioned on a podcast show, the content is timeless and evergreen. For the camera shy host, or for those who feel dressing up for the camera is a chore, there’s an added bonus of still getting your message heard even in PJs. You are still able to create an impact.

If you love videos, podcasts can be used to produce even more visibility for your video broadcasts as you are able to convert the video to an mp3 format creating increased flexibility with your content.  Next, those audios can be transcribed into show notes for your blog or other articles which can be used on other platforms to advertise your brand.

You can use this free resource to download videos you’ve created in YouTube prior to transcribing. Simply copy the YouTube link and paste it in the box and click the arrow to the right. Once the video is downloaded you may convert it to mp3 using a free video to mp3 converter.

If you’ve ever wanted to produce your own show and found yourself wading through tons of free content on the internet and still coming up confused due to the gaps in information, I’ve created a series of free guides that help you build your podcast show. You can access your free guide here:

It’s a Source of Income

Yes, it’s true and I show you the many ways you can do this in my free guide. The guide has sample forms, templates and a simple funnel system that helps you to get started in launching your first show and even building your list if that’s what you’d like to do.

So even if you haven’t launched your business as yet you can use this guide to begin to put your show together to create the impact you always dreamed of creating and to bring value to the people in your world.  

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