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How to Get Results When Your Time is Limited


By: Dr. Gwen Smith


Your life is very busy and no doubt you feel there are certain actions you cannot take due to your limited time. I have found that scheduling huge blocks of time to complete my work is most beneficial for me to stay in high productivity and to achieving my goals. Perhaps you have too.


There are times, however, when huge blocks of time are not available and I still want to stay productive. Do you find that you want the same?


Maybe you're a mom who works outside of the home and just getting home with your kids to prepare their meal is all the effort you can muster to get through the evening before finally crashing in bed. But what if you have a goal to start a business on the side for yourself, or a project that's meaningful to you? Would you let that go on forever, without any results in this area?


Wouldn't starting a business or a meaningful project bring you more time eventually? So why wait to get started and to get results?


Perhaps you're a busy entrepreneur wanting to take on another goal such as writing a book so you can have publicity for the work you have to offer and get more clients. You find that your days are so full with tons of projects, meetings and deadlines and you can barely find a block of time to be productive on your goal. What do you do to get results?


For sure there are times when focusing single-handedly is demanded—when important pressing deadlines are upon you, or when some other high-stake event is upcoming. However, most times if we can focus just a small increment of time, even 10 minutes that will allow us to continue our path of progress towards the results we want. Incremental bit-by-bit steps will keep you advancing instead of procrastinating. But how can you even do that when you can barely even remember?


Here's a tip that I use to help me stay productive during those times when I don't have huge blocks of time and I still want to keep advancing. I schedule the time in my calendar and I set a reminder about what's next before closing out that activity.

Here are the steps:


1.Block at least 10-15 minutes or more in your calendar and set a reminder to help you remember. Sync it with your phone calendar as well, so that if you are away from your computer you will still receive notification.


Keeping up with this schedule does two things: It creates a feeling of psychological well-being and satisfaction because you're making progress, and secondly, as the time is a shorter block, you'll probably feel more energized to do it in short spurts if that's all the time you've got anyway. You're still making progress.


2.Before completing the task, make a note of the last thing you worked on, page numbers, the thoughts you had, the next thought that is logical and place that in your task list or calendar to cut the time required to recall your thought processes the next time you pick up the project.


This latter strategy has helped me save a ton of time trying to figure out what is next. If I'm working on a document, I also leave a note at the top of the page so that when I first open the document, I can have an idea about the page number I need to pick up on.


There are some projects that are so mentally intensive that this project would work great on, and there are others that it may not. In the latter case, maybe tackling the project on a weekend when you can block more time will be best for you.


Remember getting results is what you want. If you look at your entire circumstance and keep thinking that you're going to wait until you have time, that time may never come unless you schedule it. It doesn't need to be a huge block of time. Just a few minutes daily can add up.


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