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Holiday Empowerment for Single Moms

12 Simple Steps Single Moms Can take to Keep Their Sanity During the Season

By: Dr. Gwen Smith


As the holiday season approaches, the rush of the shopping, the sounds of holiday music, the cooking and entertaining all bring excitement and joy. It's quite easy for moms to be carried away in these moments oblivious of the toll that the stress of the season is putting on their bodies.


But what about you? What about the empowerment that you need as a single mom or a married-single mom? Have you ever stopped to think of the toll the stress of the season has not just on your body but especially on your ability to be available in a wholesome and focused manner for the things that really make a lasting life-long impact on your child's life?


If not you really ought to. Surely you want to make the season memorable for your kids and putting every effort into doing it is quite acceptable. All the efforts, however, doesn't need to solely be yours. With some careful planning and preparation you can breeze through the holidays and enjoy every moment of it.


There are twelve simple ways to help you handle the stress of the season and come out on the other side of it with enough energy and sanity to be fully available for your kids.


These simple steps will make a huge difference towards your health and well-being empowerment as a single mom or a married-single mom handling the events of the season.


Shop Conveniently
  • Do your holiday shopping online as much as possible
  • Watch for great sales when you are out and about doing your regular shopping, while keeping a holiday focus in mind. Shop throughout the year.
  • Combine your grocery and gift shopping in one. This is really simple to do if you shop at the warehouses such as Costco, Sam's or BJ's. Spend an extra 30 minutes browsing the aisles you wouldn't normally visit to see what you can find.


Enlist Your Kids and Other Relatives

As a mom you may find that you want to be sure your kids are always comfortable. In so doing you may also find yourself thinking that you'll need to do everything in the household all by yourself. This is a mistake. For your holiday empowerment as a mom, as well as for the empowerment of your kids, enlist their help as you also simultaneously train them to help with tasks around the home. It also helps them to understand responsibility and contributing to their community. Relatives who are planning to come over may also be able to contribute in many ways:


  • Your kids can pick up their toys when they are done playing with them, and before moving to another activity
  • They as well as your relatives who may be coming over for dinner can also help to clean up around the house in general and also to help you before guests arrive, especially if you're entertaining.
  • Older kids and relatives can watch the younger kids to free up your time
  • As far as gift-wrapping goes, having relatives or the kids helping to wrap gifts that are not theirs is a great relief. They enjoy it too.


Meal Preparations
  • Start your meal preparations days or weeks out for those items that can be done early, then freeze them. This allows you to have quite a large spread without the stress build-up from trying to get it all done in the same day.
  • Use a slow cooker to help with some meals.
  • Have people who are coming over to bring their favorite holiday dishes to share
  • If it fits in your budget, buy some of the dishes such as desserts or entrees to cut down on your preparation time
  • Take short 15-20-minute breaks where you can take a nap, or breathe deeply while relaxing your body, especially if you're doing a day-long cooking marathon. This allows your body to rejuvenate using its natural cycle, the Ultradian Rhythm and gives you endurance and capacity so you don't quite feel so exhausted.


Now moms, if you follow these simple steps you will be fully empowered as a single mom to enjoy every moment of the season while keeping your sanity with the kids.



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