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How to Achieve Breakthrough Performance

By: Dr. Gwen Smith


If you struggle with fulfilling on your goals and achieving the types of results that you'd like to see, then this conversation is one to pay attention to. At the end of this brief article, you will be able to access resources to help you take achieve on your goals in a more consistent and natural manner. Breakthrough performance is possible for anyone and it comes with a price.

What is Breakthrough Performance?


Breakthrough Performance occurs when you achieve goals that are outside of your comfort zones that would typically scare you. The goals are completely aligned with who you are and achieving those goals create a level of transformation in the achiever of the goal.


Using the Model below, we will answer the question: What attributes are necessary to produce breakthrough performance?


Starting at the outside of the circle, we come to Step 1.

Step 1—Integrity/Commitment


Looking at the model you'll immediately realize that Integrity/ Commitment forms the outer container holding everything together. Integrity means that you will be true to yourself as you are to others.


It means setting your goals and committing to them just as much as you would for someone else. No matter what you do, you will never succeed if you are out of integrity with what you are committed to. It ensures that there is follow-through. You want to be consistent with your Integrity.

Step 2—Desire/Passion


Moving inside to the next level is Desire/Passion. Though listed in this step, it forms the foundation of every success you will ever have. Being highly passionate about what you do is an absolute necessity for breakthrough performance.


The absence of passion puts you in a situation of burnout and you're simply going through the motions without any hope of personally connecting with what you are working to achieve.


Though you may achieve high levels of success without the necessary passion, you will soon feel empty and unmotivated and unfulfilled as if something were missing. Many over-achievers on the job find themselves in this place, going through the motions just to earn a living.


The model is represented in quadrants below and by following the description you can identify exactly where you fit in the model.


Are you a Breakthrough Performer, A Dreamer, An Unmotivated Non-Achiever or An Over-Achiever?


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Step 3—Awareness to Self, Others and Your Environment


Awareness is a key component to achieving breakthrough performance. In this phase you'll need to not only pay attention to the self-talk, your interpretation of the self-talk and your conscious and subconscious minds, running on automation; you also need to pay attention to the impact others have on your goals and progress.


Paying attention to your environment and being completely present with each activity that you do, equip you with the tools to ask the right questions about the steps you are taking so that you can evaluate and make corrections as you go. It's important to stay open to what shows up in this stage.


Being aware of the workings of your subconscious and conscious minds and your meta-programming are also very important elements as the fear and negative self-talk creep up if you leave yourself to run on automatic.


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Step 4--Creation


Creation involves your becoming one with your goals. It's your visualizing and re-creating yourself mentally at first, in preparation to take on the goals you want to achieve. You use the data gathered from your awareness. Everything starts first with a thought. Not creating mentally is almost like not having a vision for what you want to achieve.


At this stage many people give up and back away as they get scared due to their perception of a lack of skills, resources or support in achieving the goal. It's important to persist past this stage, though you may not have a clear picture of how to achieve the goal you want.


Typically moving forward will reduce the threat of the fear and other steps become open to you as you take the next step.



Step 5--Transformation


The transformation phase is where the steps are put into action to realize what you need. In this phase you design your goals to get the results that you need.


Knowing your meta-programs will help to catapult your success since everyone does not operate in exactly the same manner when setting up goals to achieve their results.


Having an effective conversation structure will help to produce the results needed to create the transformation you desire and to spur your growth beyond your comfort zone, as you breakthrough the fears and negative self-talk stopping you.




Using the information in the quadrant, where do you currently see yourself? You can participate in the free training to help you move to the Breakthrough Performer level.


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