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I Quit Workouts, This is What I Learned

quitting timeBy: Dr. Gwen Smith


When I look at my life, I feel that I am incredibly blessed for the many bumps in the road that I've experienced as well as for the numerous blessings that I've had.  But there was a time, I quit  workouts. When it comes to achieving success I believe I have a great handle on it. This is not because I am special but because I follow a system that has worked for me in my work, in my relationships and now in my health life.


As far as my health goes, I can’t honestly say I have broken through as yet since I feel that it will require a few years of progress to monitor my new re-commitment. I have a renewed commitment and now that I have applied a simple model in this area, I realize that I am way ahead than I have ever been before.


I consider myself to be relatively healthy in terms of my food habits, my hydrations habits (though I still continue to miss some of this) and my workouts. My workouts however have, over the last four to five years whittled down to 2 to 3 times per week and sometimes not at all.


In fact over the last year and a half I stopped working out. As you can imagine, some of my dear pieces of garments no longer fit the way they did, and so I became determined to do something about it.


What would I do?


I was tired of fluctuating with my workouts, then skipping them altogether when I felt like it was not convenient or that my health was on the line. I thought about what I would do for a good long while. I did not want the same experiences that led me to choosing to stop over the year and a half.


Those experiences were causing me physical pain. With some of those planks on my weights I found my thumb beginning to slip around, and causing pain even though I was armed with workout gloves as a buffer and positioning myself carefully on the weights. My wrist would also hurt.


I told myself I was simply too old for this and that I needed to find a more suitable exercise that could keep my body in shape without those types of pain.


My dilemma was that walking on the treadmill at a steep angle no longer challenged me and doing the workout videos seemed to bring other benefits but I was not willing to continue with the pain.. And so it took me a year and a half to ponder what to do. 


During this time, there were three things that I became completely aware of.


#1 That exercise was not a passion of mine. I did not wake up desiring it. I would often say I hated it and I felt that this pain of working out should not be something to endure. Why would anyone want to endure something that is going to be continuously painful?


My expanding midsection gave me a reason to want to do it. I took note of what was actually happening inside of my body and outside. Of how I felt, how my clothes fit and of how I looked in the mirror.


#2 I had no commitment to what I wanted. I became clear that I wanted to do something about it. I determined to commit and to follow a schedule for working out six days per week until I achieved my goal of fitting my clothes the way Id like and of continuing to be healthy.


#3 I had voices in my head that stopped me. I was confronted with many thoughts, especially those from the past that which allowed me to choose to slow down or in this last case to stop altogether. It was too hard, it was too painful. I had to be real with myself and affirm what I wanted despite these voices if I were going to get the results I sought. I did not quite know how I would make it, but I knew what I wanted.


Something had to change if I were going to get the results I wanted.

What I actually did

I committed to getting in action no matter how I felt, knowing full well that the thought of cutting back will come as it always had. I planned to push through and to follow through with integrity.


workout lady

Before I could actually take this on, I had to create and recreate in my mind what I wanted. I had to envision myself becoming smaller with my clothes fitting better. I envisioned myself in shape fitting all my clothes again.


I chose to follow through for 90 days to see what would happen when I push past the points where I typically would stop or slow down.


It's been closer to 120 days and I feel amazing. I have only had one week when I missed a day and I have made some amazing discoveries from doing this routine.


My amazing discoveries


1.That pushing past the feeling of wanting to quit creates a momentum over time to keep going. I literally now wake up looking forward to exercising! I can't believe I am saying this.


It's not like I am celebrating and rejoicing that I get to work out daily. It's just that it feels normal, like a routine, like brushing my teeth. My mental chatter and resistance have significantly declined too.


I know of the importance of keeping up this routine so I am able to continue to feel this way.

2.Though I am doing the most rigorous exercises, because I pushed through the pain and the mind chatter, I literally am stronger. The pain that I felt in my thumb and wrist that caused me to stop before, has left. I have worked out six days per week religiously and now my body is stronger. I no longer have the pain.


The previous pain I discovered was as a result of my inconsistency starting and stopping. My body did not have a chance to build and so each time would be like starting afresh. I wasn't getting stronger as a result.


3.Transformation occurs with consistency. I see my body taking shape and form, literally transforming before my eyes. The expanded middle has disappeared and I get to fit the dresses that were once having me look like a turkey stuffed in a tight bag. I really look and feel amazing!


An applicable lesson


What this made me realize is that this system is the exact same system I have used to create transformational success in my life. When I have a goal to achieve, sometimes there are parts of the goal that I would rather not do at times, however, because I'm aware of the greater benefit and because I am passionate about it, I find a way to get it done regardless.


I've consistently recreated myself to take on the bigger goals that would scare me in my life, but never thought that I could apply it to my workout schedule and staying fit.


Now that I've made this discovery, this system is what I will be using to help me to push through. I realize that the feeling to quit will come, but if I just push past that feeling and just keep going, I reach a point where I achieve breakthrough in what I am doing.


What about you? What have you struggled to get done? What have you quit again and again? Use this simple system to get past the challenges that stop you and breakthrough.


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