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Business Professionals: If You Want To Stop The Embarrassment of Bad Breath, And Have All But Given Up… Here’s Hope!

By: Dr. Gwen Smith

I travel quite a bit and find myself in the company of entrepreneurs, business and professional people who are quite successful. To me, there is nothing that reduces the pleasure of a conversation quicker than having foul or bad breath. It just robs conversations of its juiciness and flow as you have to be focusing on self-protective behaviors: holding your breath (if it’s the other person) or standing away at a distance (if it’s you). It can be quite embarrassing, and there is a quick remedy that will free you up to speak, even if you are away from your toothbrush all day.

I have impeccable oral health and go to great lengths to brush a minimum of twice a day, to floss (perhaps not as often as I should), replace my toothbrush every 3-4 months, visit the dentist every six months, etc. Despite my impeccability, there are times when I know that after eating a certain meal there will be a smell on my breath. It makes me very uneasy, and stifles the natural flow of my conversations. No doubt you have also had the same experience.

Just the thought of having foul breath can really cramp your communication style and effectiveness when considering interactions with others. If you are a professional, you want to show your best. Bad breath can cause an unnatural flow in your conversations because you become obsessed about not causing the same foul-breath-experience for someone as you have no doubt experienced from others. It’s a dilemma especially when you have to speak as the center and focus of attention that everyone is attracted to. But even if it is in a social gathering with just friends and family, it matters greatly too.

To deal with the issue we have been coached in using Tic-Tacs to keep under our tongues, or to use breath mints. However, the cumulative effect of consuming sugars can have a negative impact on our health, and even if we choose to use the sugar-free varieties, we are not out of the hazard zone as there are studies to suggest that artificial sweeteners do more harm than good to our health. So, what can we do?

I have been reading several articles suggesting some solutions to the problem. The solution no doubt coincides with what the source of the bad breath is. If it is oral and related to poor oral hygiene, the issue can easily be addressed by practicing good oral health. If it is stomach-related, some sources have recommended digestive enzymes. But even this may not work when you’ve eaten certain foods that leave a lingering smell on your breath. Moreover, some of the recommendations have ingredients that you may not be familiar with, and even so, if you’ve struggled with bad breath, the embarrassment supersedes your fear of bad ingredients and you end up using them which could lead to later issues in life. So what else can you do?

There are Home Remedies that you can try to help you with the problem.  This one is taken from the book 500 Time-Tested Home Remedies and The Science Behind Them, (White, Seeger & Brownell-Grogan, 2013). You can get this book online for under $20. Here is the recipe taken from the book that may help. I have not tried it:

Raw crunchy foods clean the teeth. Apples contain pectin, which helps control food odors and promotes saliva production. Cinnamon is antimicrobial. Active cultures in yogurt help reduce odor-causing bacteria in the mouth.
1 cup apple chunks
1 cup grated carrot
1 cup diced celery
½ cup dried cranberries
½ cup crushed walnuts
3 to 5 tablespoons plain nonfat yogurt
Ground cinnamon
PREPARATION AND USE: Mix the apple, carrot, celery, cranberries, and walnuts together in a large bowl. Add yogurt by the tablespoon to moisten the mixture. Sprinkle with cinnamon. (Serves two).
Give that a try to see if it works for you and come back to this blog and leave your comments below to let others know. For me, I prefer a simpler approach that is quick and effective. In case you find that is the same for you, don’t worry, I have a remarkable solution that I have discovered and found to be so incredibly wonderful. It allows me to leave my breath worries behind for good as long as I don’t run out of it! When I brush in the morning, I gargle with this product and my breath is great for the entire day! No more Tic-Tacs or mints for me!! When I brush and gargle at nights, I wake up and say a hearty good morning to my husband without looking the other way while trying to talk to him! Lol! This little product will save the day for you! It is a mouth rinse and toothpaste made by MODERE.  This company promotes clean healthy living, and has a promise to use only ingredients that will be great for you and your family. See the products here. This link will allow you to get $10 off of your order, or use the discount code 909087. After you shop you’ll also get a code that you can share with your friends. If your friends buy, you also get a $10 credit towards your next purchase, so you could be getting your mouth care products for free over time! The products are guaranteed to work, and best of all, they are simple to use!

After you try the products, please come back to this blog and share your experience so that we can hear from you! We love to hear from our audience!!

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