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If You’ve Had Fear Stop You, You Need To Read This

By: Dr. Gwen Smith

Do you watch others achieving great feats while at the same time feeling 'less than' as though you're not good enough, or that you can never achieve what they have or what you want for yourself in your life? Do you have those self-talks that you are a failure, and that things will never happen the way you want them to for you?


What about taking on bigger goals in your life? Do you have anxiety about those goals, finding it difficult to get started, or you simply do not get started at all?


Finally, what about those projects you take on? Do you often start and stop before finishing one thing? Do you feel like you're flitting from one activity to another, not feeling that you are able to finish any of them?


I’ve got some news for you.


You are set on automatic! Your brain has some mechanisms that keep control of your actions or the lack of them, running on automatic, putting a ceiling on what you are able to achieve in your life.


Thank goodness it's not a permanent state if you know what to do about it. But if you do not, you will repeat these self-defeating cycles for the rest of your life leading to intense frustrations, fear and anxiety.


Where do you begin?


Trying to change these things first require an awareness. The first type of awareness is a preliminary knowledge of what is actually causing these automatic responses. Well first look at the Iceberg Principle as a start.


The Iceberg Principle

I like to use the representation of an iceberg to represent this phenomenon.


Looking at this drawing what you will notice is that your conscious mind has a tiny bit of control while your subconscious mind has the 'lion's share'.


What this means for you is that most of your actions are controlled by your subconscious mind when you are not on alert. Putting some numbers to it, your subconscious mind controls somewhere from 90-99% of your actions, which leaves only 1-10% for your conscious mind. Moreover, the subconscious mind processes 1 million times faster than the conscious. So your subconscious mind runs your life.


Why is that important to know?

The subconscious mind is the repository of your entire past experiences, both positive and negative, personally or vicariously. It stores the interpretations your brain makes of all of your past experiences, and produces a trigger resulting in your spontaneous responses to situations even before you have thought about how you should react.


For most people there are negative responses that are triggered that keep them stuck.


Unless you have increased awareness, you will always respond in the same manner and consequently you'll always get the same results in your life. This is why you feel stuck or experience fear and anxiety as though you are on a treadmill and that no matter what you do it always seems as though you end up in the same place, with the same or similar results, whether it is in your relationships, the results you want in your life or with your finances.


And there is even more...

You also have what are called meta-programs working simultaneously with your subconscious processing, which, if you are not aware of, will prevent you from devising different approaches to securing your success.


Let's Examine Your Meta-Programs and what they mean. See if you can spot where you will need to watch out for as you are planning your life goals towards your success.



Did you identify your meta-programs? Knowing what these are can already give you some tools to help get yourself in motion. But that is not enough; because you will still be responding to your situations with the same programming from your sub-conscious mind.


So what can you do about it?

This is the very reason why you would need a coach or a mentor to provide a different perspective from your personal programming to get you over the hump. Coaching is one way of increasing your awareness.


Every successful person in life has a coach or a mentor and realizes the value to his or her success in having one. It's quite challenging coming up with new strategies with your old programming since those strategies are also coming from your already programmed subconscious mind.


You'll likely need exposure to other resources outside of what you know and do, to produce different results in your life.


Another way to increase awareness is by being present. Try focusing your mind on your breathing or something before you for five minutes. You'll soon realize that your mind has drifted, leaving your subconscious mind to run the show.


You've had examples of this if you are an experienced driver. You've found yourself getting home without even considering how you got there. The entire time you were driving, your mind was focused on something else, and your subconscious mind allowed you to make all the turns, hit the brakes, and do other things that safely got you home, while your conscious mind went off to think about something completely different from your driving.


One way to focus your mind is through meditation. Meditation can result in increased awareness. With increased awareness you are able to identify the sources of fear, and all the self-talk that stop you, with other strategies to help you know what to watch for.


How you can take action to change your results

There are also other ways to overcome fear: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis are two additional ways to help to alter the subconscious negative programming that stop people from sabotaging their success.


These strategies are great strategies, and just by increasing your awareness you can even begin to use other simple strategies that can get you started moving in the right direction.


If you weren't able to identify your meta-programs and if you'd like to increase your awareness and access some additional strategies that will help you create some new results. Here's a free three-week video training course designed to help you take control of the results you'd like to see in your life and by increasing your awareness.

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