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An Inspired You: A Year In Review



By: Dr. Gwen Smith

Quite recently we sat down to talk about what our final blog of the year should contain. For sure we could talk about New Years’ Resolutions, or we could suggest topics or questions to consider to have you look back on your past year in reflection, to plan for a more fulfilling 2018.


But our experience is that all of these approaches defy the goal-setting for the New Year, which is to be happier, fulfilled and more productive in attaining your goals. We find that resolutions are best made continuously and each day is a new start to see what needs tweaking to move forward and to keep adjusting. The end of the year is really too late to start thinking about these, unless you've set some momentum in the months leading up to it. 

Getting your goals done will definitely lead to a happier, more fulfilled life and your productivity gives that extra boost in confidence too. And yet it seems that so many are still unhappy and really lack inspired action, just going around in circles for a long time. When we think about New Years' resolutions it's mostly about how attaining the stuff we want will make us feel. 

Our goal here at The Dr. Gwen International, Inc., is to be a tiny light to light the corners of your heart; to inspire, educate, empower and uplift from moment to moment, hour to hour or even year to year so you can feel the happiness you deserve.

So here is a resource that will truly help to spark your inspiration, and will set things in motion like domino effect, in getting what you want this New Year and especially in getting the happiness and sense of fulfillment you're after. 

It is the foundation of having EVERYTHING abundant that you want. It’s feeling inspired, happy and fulfilled in each moment and finding only those things that keep you in this frame. Sounds like fairy-tale I know, but I can testify to you that it works.

When you are happy and fulfilled, and because as Albert Einstein says, we are all energy, then your happiness sets a vibration in motion that will inevitably attract more things at that vibrational level for you to rejoice about in your life.

It’s simple and true AND, so many continue to miss it.

Let’s have you finding the things that bring you inspiration as a foundation from which to build this New Year.

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Then scroll below to view our 2017 blogs in review, by categories and find something that inspires you!

May 2018 be your best year ever!


Personal Development & Empowerment

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Business & Work

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What I Learned From Having a Stroke

Life has so many uncertainties. In the end, it’s really important that you find and do what you love to make a contribution to humanity. Click here to read more.

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