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Live Clean and Be Free

network marketingBy: Dr. Gwen Smith

The Network marketing industry has gained a lot of attention: acceptance and continued misunderstanding despite the length of time it’s been around. Network marketing is another option that some in the industry use to create financial freedom. With the latest development about companies being shut down, it’s clear that the industry is still misunderstood. There are thousands of companies springing up many of them experiencing failure for one reason or another. And there remains many stable ones that have been in the industry upwards of 20, 30 and even 50 years.

Many people associate selling in a negative when it comes to network marketing, yet for any business, selling is important to its survival. The act of selling itself can be viewed negatively if it occurs in an unnatural way. Network marketing to a large extent, involves many average people who have little to no professional training on sharing their products. They often forced their products, or they lack the perception to discern when their products can truly make a difference for someone’s life.

The people who are typically successful in network marketing take the time to learn the skills to equip themselves in having natural conversations leading to fulfilling a need that someone has. When people develop the skills to share naturally, their businesses take off.

The quantity of products varies as with the number of companies themselves. And many of these companies seldom deviate from a model for their compensation plans. Winning in these companies require diligent consistent work. Yet still for very few others, their models and compensation plans are different.

A different kind of model?

There is a company that I came across recently which has something very unique that I believe the rest of the industry will soon start to model after. This company has an almost 30 year history and was recently launched in the. Its mission is clean, safe living, and it focuses on making safe products for your homes, personal care, and health. In looking at this company, it has a very unique social aspect to it.

The company, MODERE uses social marketing and utilizes a concept much like Uber to sell its products. Each time a customer buys products they are given a code to share with their friends and family. And, and each time the friends and family shop using their code, not only do they receive a discount, but their friends and family do as well. This is a true representation of what social marketing is all about and it’s a natural way of sharing: Giving people $10 to shop for anything online and then having the new customers pass on the same to their friends and family. How many times have you shared a good restaurant or a book or something else that you liked and did not get paid for? That’s longer the case with Modere; and you can shop for free if you share with enough people too. The concept is simply brilliant.

Even more brilliant is the effectiveness of the products. Typically shopping for clean, safe products requires a compromise in cost or quality and effectiveness. I haven’t found either to be true shopping with Modere. I’ve personally used the products myself and I can completely say with all sincerity that they are completely effective.

As with starting your own business and building your own products, the start-up cost is relatively cheap when compared to your ability to create life-changing income.

 Unlike internet marketing which may not involve face to face interactions, network marketing creates greater success when people are directly contacted on a personal level.  It involves more one-on-one interactions than internet and online marketing do. So let’s look at ways to be more successful

How to find success in network marketing

To be a professional network marketer requires prospecting skills in finding the right people for your opportunity. Many who are starting the business often quit using the excuse that they do not have the skills required to do it. A better approach would be to find where you are lacking in the skills and develop yourself.

To attract the right type of people requires that you become a notch above who you are trying to attract and this may require some investment in yourself to get you to where you need to be. You cannot recruit a leader if you are not one yourself. And neither are you able to recruit a stronger leader than yourself.

To become a strong leader requires significant amounts of mindset and personal growth training and development. You also want to shift your focus from having an employee mindset to that of having a business mindset. No one will monitor your progress and reward you when you are working for yourself. You are a business owner. Leadership is a great skill set to begin to develop, and it is great to know that many successful leaders were not born with the skill. So with the proper time investments you too can become a leader. This will improve your opportunity to recruit.

Next is developing the right skill set to know what to say and when to say it. Practicing your scripts until you can make it your own is also vital. Keep it simple, the less you say the better. Vomiting all over people about your product and opportunity is very unattractive and will turn off the right people and alienate you from your friends and family members.


First take the time to meet new people and build rapport to understand what their needs are. Even at this point it may not be appropriate to introduce your opportunity. Just because you’ve built rapport is not a signal that it is time to present your opportunity. The goal of a professional network marketer is to meet new people and to find out what their needs are and whether or not your product can be a solution to their needs. All of this should be happening inside of a natural conversation.

Each time you meet someone for the first time, may not be the best time to talk about your business. It may not even happen on the second or third occasion, but what should be happening is that you are building a relationship and rapport. Building relationship over time and staying in touch can help to create opportunities to learn what the other person needs and whether or not your opportunity is a fit.

Knowing what to say at first to a stranger can be quite daunting and scary too.

There are a few excellent resources that I have found to be helpful:

  1. IceBreakers! How To Get Any Prospect To Beg You For A Presentation by Schreiter, Tom "Big Al";
  2. GoPro - 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Worre, Eric; and
  3. How to Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends! Oliver, Michael.

 These books will certainly train you on some skills so you never feel as though you have to force your opportunity on people to get them interested. If you remember that your opportunity may or may not be for everyone, it will help you to stay focus in trying to find who it is for without anxiety and despair. Continue looking for the few who will be interested even as you face your no’s. The professional marketer understands there will be more no’s than yes’s and is not stopped by the no’s. They also know that of those who say no, their situation could change a few months or years down the road, so they take notes for action later, even years later.

These are some basics to understanding how to be successful in the industry and also create income for yourself to change your future.

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