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How to Live Your Passions and Taste Success


By: Dr. Gwen Smith

Two years ago when I started to talk about passions there hardly were any resources available to help people discover their passions, except for just a few. Today, that is no longer the case.


Many people are now talking about living a passionate life. In most cases, the conversations surround finding a job or business that people are passionate about doing.


Whereas finding one's passion as work is very important, I've found, in conversing with more than a few people, that they consider their situation hopeless to ever starting to live a passionate life.


This is the case because they have no desire to leave their jobs to start a business or to look for other work. This may partly be due to the time investments they've already made in their careers and partly due to fears about starting something new that they're not certain will support their needs.


If you fall into any of these two categories or if you are even scared to try something new, you're probably one of those people asking "What about me?" when it comes to living a passionate life. No doubt too you've wondered about what you can do to live your passions without changing those circumstances.


There's no uncertainty that those living passionate lives filled with purpose report being happier than they've ever been before. Their health and longevity seem to be prosper. In fact, there are studies supporting that people do live longer when they live a life of purpose and passion.


The great news for you is that living your passions and starting a new job or business are not synonymous. You don't have to quit your job or start a business to live your life with purpose and passion. And you too can enjoy the health and life benefits of living a passionate life.


Your passions don't feel like work. In fact they're quite satisfying and mentally relaxing to participate in.; and you often lose track of time doing your passions. The added bonus is it also provides an extra boost in energy instead of leaving you feeling drained.


So What Are Some Things That You Can Do to Live Your Passions Now?

Start a Hobby

You can use your passions to start a hobby. Donating products you've made to benefit others can provide a huge boost in satisfaction. As a side note, your hobby can also turn into a part time business for you to earn income from. If you've ever been intimidated in the past by starting a business and you really wanted to, this is one way you can get started. It's a great way to test your market too to see if you'll have customers interested in what you may have to offer.



You can volunteer for service. This is an excellent way to not only meet some of your social needs but to also give back to your community. There are many establishments in existence that will welcome you as a volunteer in their organization.


You'll just need to list what you are passionate about, and then match your list with needs existing in your community.


Create a non-profit organization

You may use your passions to start a non-profit organization which allows you to apply for grant for funding, and you can use volunteers to help to fulfill your mission. There are many philanthropic organizations willing to donate for a tax deduction, to non-profit organizations that are doing good in their community.


Failing all of these ideas, and if going out in the community is not your thing, find a way to Incorporate your passions into your daily life. Whether it be sports or travel or whatever it is, find a way to engage in it often.


I've heard from numerous clients of mine who've taken the Passion Test who are completely elated now that they've incorporated their passions into their lives. They report less stress and increased happiness.


When it comes to living a passionate life it's important that the activities that you are committing to perfectly align with what you love. So, additionally, not only should you work to incorporate your passions into your life, you should also work to eliminate everything that does not align with the things you are passionate about. It helps to know what your top 5 passions are to do this. In doing this, you will begin to feel a sense of success in your life.


Finding Work You'll Love

In case you may be looking for ideas on how to find work that you love, or how to identify the things that you would love to do that will benefit others, you can access a resource guide that will help you:

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