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Why You May Not Be Having Success


By: Dr. Gwen Smith


Everyone is looking to have 'success' yet it seems like very few people find it. I am convinced that it simply cannot be that so very few are gifted and talented and therefore are unable to find success. It must be another reason that people feel they have not found it.


Success comes in different forms, shapes and sizes. It also rarely happens in one big move. If this is the case, why is it that so few seem to find it?


One of the reasons I believe is that people miss what it is. I see people struggling to keep up with the Jones' when in reality what the Jones' have is just good for the Jones' and no one else.


People have to first be clear idea about who they are. When they are clear about this, they then can recognize what they love. Then they are in a position to define their successes.


Watch now as I explain other reasons people don't have success in their lives:



We are all not made with the same likes and dislikes. In as much as we are all the same in so many ways, we are also completely different as well; each one unique. Consequently your definition of success and the way it looks to you will be quite different than someone else's.


When you can design and acknowledge your success you will have satisfaction and fulfillment in recognizing your attainment of it.


So what is the practical take-away that you may have? Take an inventory today, and make a note of the things that really matter to you. See how you can really define success for yourself. Perhaps it's in your business, or in your job, or in a relationship or something else that is meaningful. What does success look like in each of those cases?


Coming to grips with what is meaningful to you will help you to assess whether what you have now is what you need to keep. If you are truly going to be successful those successes must be defined by your uniqueness and you must find a way to continuously work towards achieving them. When you have attained it, you will know it.


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