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Hey There Mom or Dad!

Are you struggling with thoughts about how to raise your kids to become conscious, reliable and self-sufficient while maintaining your own peace of mind at home?

Do you wake up daily, tackling your parenting routines, and maybe you’re thrilled, euphoric and on top of the world about doing them…some days!

And then, do you have those days when you feel completely burned out, in anguish and deep sorrow, wondering if the challenges that you meet will ever go away?

Dealing with:

Back-talking and sassing?

Perpetual verbal, power struggles and discipline issues?

Running kids to events here and there?

Constantly cleaning up around the home, or living in a mess?

Grades and school performance issues?

…and an endless list of chores?!!


Maybe You're wondering if there can ever be a better way?  

Is there a way that you can maintain some sanity and confidence in what you’re doing at home, knowing that it will make a positive difference in the lives of your kids one day? 

Is there a manual somewhere that will help you to know what to do in these tough situations?!!

I'm happy to tell you that there is! 

Well, not exactly a manual, but research to show you how what you're doing now, can impact the way your child turns out. 

 No guilt trips, no feeling sorry about what’s in the past, just powerful research and strategies to turn it all around at home. 

From Striving to Thriving: Raising Conscious, Responsible Kids Without Over-Parenting
 An online course with tools to help you make a difference at home starting immediately
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Applying these tools will make all the difference in how you feel from day to day and in the results you get at home.

Whether you parent toddlers or teens, you’ll find action-packed exercises and tools to apply that will start the transformation at home and build your parenting confidence, while freeing your kids to thrive.

This 3- week online course designed to teach you:
  • How to set boundaries that inspire cooperation through effective discipline

  • How your parenting style is influencing results you currently have and what the research suggests is most effective

  • Skills to end the power struggles, whining and back-talking

  • Why your kids misbehave and exactly what you can do to stop it

  • What you may be doing now that’s sabotaging your ability to get results you want and how to turn it around

  • To build your kid’s self-confidence and assertiveness for future and present success

  • To have more peace of mind at home

Join Dr. Gwen Smith's Online Training, Coming November 15, 2017

Click Below to Order the Course so You Can Start Using the Strategies at Home
 Order Now  ONLY $97
About Dr. Gwen

Dr. Gwen Smith is an inspirational speaker, a performance breakthrough coach and an author who works with business and career moms to help them increase their income and influence in their businesses and have success. 

She has recently written the book Single Moms From Striving to Thriving: 101 Success Tips, .which supports not just moms, but dads and married single parents too, to use strategies research suggests that will empower kids’ success, respect and responsibility at home. Dr. Gwen believes that your success as a business or career woman starts first at home with your kids. When you're not happy at home, it affects your professional success too,

Dr.  Gwen holds a Master’s degree in Leadership and a doctorate degree in Curriculum & Instruction/ Measurement & Research from the University of South Florida. Dr. Gwen has over 25 years of experience working with parents and their kids in several capacities as a teacher, school and, district executive leader and associate professor and chair of the department of education at the university level. She has coached hundreds of professionals in their career success.

A mother of six adult children (three biological), Dr. Gwen has years of experience raising her own children and step children too, which has taught her much about parenting kids with different needs, Her kids are all adults ,doing very well on their own.

Using  her vast experiences and research, she has been teaching parents about how to empower their kids using the best styles  likely produce the results they’d like to see at home with their kids She guides parents in a fun interactive way, leaving them completely re-energized to become leaders in their homes to inspire cooperation from their kids. 

Dr. Gwen currently works to empower women to get clear about the types of careers or business that will fulfill them and uses powerful strategies to help them breakthrough procrastination to self-confidently both at home and in their careers or business. 

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