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What it Really Takes to Raise or Double Your Career or Business Income


By: Dr. Gwen Smith


As a type-A personality who has accomplished huge successes in my careers in the past decades, it was a huge eye-opening experience when I discovered that breaking through all previous limits I had achieved and set for myself required something else beyond just hard work.


If you have ever struggled while working incredibly hard at something, feeling as though the results that you deserve ought to come, because after all I am a hardworking, honest and giving person then you too may have come to the same conclusion I have:


The process of achieving huge breakthroughs beyond which you've ever achieved before supersedes what you are doing and how hard you are working.


It involves who you have to become to achieve the monumental results that you want.


On many levels you may comprehend this psychologically, but until you've experience the agony, the unnecessary struggles and then finally the settling and connecting with your internal compass to start the process of becoming, you really never get it.


Unless you come to this point in your life sooner, the rest of your career or business will continue to be one of tremendous struggle for a good while. The process of becoming is one of seeing who you are, and who or what you want to become and setting on a path to develop yourself to get it.


Focusing on your own personal growth and development is as much an important part of increasing your business or career incomes as anything else. In fact, I would dare to say its precedes other areas and is more important. Its not a quick fix.


It's slow and steady.


It happened for me. I work hard. I can out-work anyone, I tell myself. But what I discovered is that my hard work can be tempered and opportunities can approach me when I learn to tune in and connect on a more personally spiritual level.


This involves my psyche, my spirituality, my emotions, my mindset and how I reciprocate love to others in the world. It's what I call connecting with my higher self, the Divine aspect of myself, God.


If you have ever thought that breaking through to massive levels or "the struggle" is all about the dollars and how hard you can pound the pavement to get it, I invite you to think again.


Any massive breakthrough requires an internal process which first starts with your awareness of you are and who you have to become!


Whether you want that massive promotion or that breakthrough business income, you have to BEcome the person worthy of having the goal. This requires some consistent internal work, and it requires working on your mindset which will work to sabotage your best efforts at times. Having the right tools to support you in working through this process will eliminate many hurdles, facilitating your success.


When your internal work has begun, its a matter of staying connected so you can be in the flow of receiving the results or surrendering to the process that the Divine has already laid out for you; trusting and knowing that your next steps, whether or not they bring the results you want, will be just the perfect step that's needed to set you up for increased success.


By then you've come to realize that no action, no incident nor occurrence and experience is ever by chance. They're all staged for you to achieve your highest and best self and in the process, the goal you so long to achieve.


Having said this major piece, there are, nevertheless, other practical steps that you'll need to take to get you to where you need to go. Doing the process in reverse can create more challenges and resistance for you and your goals an delay your progress.


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