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Join me on my mission to educate and share about safe and effective product choices

Everyone knows that living a healthy life now is the optimum dream, yet few realize the control they have by the choices they make. Help me make a difference...

At times you may find yourself or your children with allergies, rashes, headaches, respiratory problems and other ailments. Some of these become long term issues you may struggle with year after year

Due to the multiplicity of chemicals in our foods and in our homes and in the products we use to care for ourselves and our families, it sometimes can be daunting to address root causes, and you may have given up in frustration, continuing to suffer.

The Center for Disease Control and other organizations we've grown to trust, publishes data each year about the number of deaths of children and other adults from accidental ingestion of household products that we consider safe. Your report will generate some awareness, but don't stop there.

You can begin to make safe choices now, and you can help to educate others.

I'd like you to join me in this project of educating others about dangers and the choices they have.

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