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Success Through Your Moments of Satisfaction

By: Dr. Gwen Smith


What's the clamoring, competition and imitation of others for? Do you realize that there is abundance for everyone? More than anything else, do you know that you are unique with gifts that no one else has the ability to deliver in quite the same manner as you can? You can be yourself and succeed.


And even more, do you realize that to be truly happy and fulfilled there's nowhere to get to? That this is it? That we must appreciate each moment that is given to us to enjoy the journey?


I don't know about you, but that is quite refreshing for me to hear. Knowing this frees me from clamoring, competition and any identity crisis of trying to be someone else.


It empowers me in knowing that I can support, cheer along or offer feedback to those who are on similar paths as I am. I don't have to feel scarcity and allow it to rob my joy and abundant feelings, and I don't have to clamor on a hamster's wheel trying to get to the destination called success defined by someone else's dreams.


Have you noticed how 'success-driven' we are today, yet never happy? We allow flashy displays of celebrity trappings in the media, to define what our success should look like. We allow ourselves to be on a mission to get to 'somewhere', completely oblivious that this somewhere is not intended for us, it's for someone else.


We consequently fail to identify our own successes which perfectly match our lives and who we are; and which would make a huge difference in our happiness if we were to recognize them as they show up in small increments daily.


The resulting consequence is a fully stressed out, unhappy, unfulfilled life that we feel burnt out from, that we get ill from, and that some of us die from, while in the process of still chasing.


The Irony of Getting 'Somewhere'

 Not only are we chasing someone else's' definition of success, the complete irony is that once we achieve it, and few us do, we realize that we are still empty. Then the chase continues for something else. It's a perpetual moving target.


We fail to enjoy the moments, the brief moments of joy, the flowers, the sunshine, the beauty in nature. We miss those small victories that we make because of where our vision is set: on achieving the standards of success defined by someone else.


HOW Do You Stop This?

 I'd like to awaken your minds to this, that unless you wake up to the fact that there is not a destiny in life to get to that will make you happy, and realize that living each moment to its fullest, being open to the smallest satisfaction, and showing gratitude for even the smallest triumphs, you'll end up like the many who've gone to their graves unhappy, chasing success only to have never found it.


Success is not a destination. It's a journey wrapped up in small moments for you to enjoy in each step of the way.


An Empowering Perspective

 As a totally unique being you have a right to define your personal success without the pressure of someone else. Your biggest breakthrough is to identify your uniqueness and know who you truly are. From that space you are able to be in tune with what makes you happy, passionate and fulfilled.


Success for you will look quite differently than it will for someone else. When you are internally connected with who you are, you get to define your own success, and you realize that the chief goal is not in the chasing but in the being; being with each incremental moment of satisfaction along the way leading up to your goals and dreams. You're noticing the small and great things to be grateful for along the way.


There is no competition, no clamoring and no need for imitation. Your goal is uniquely yours. Moreover, when you get to that place of full awareness about who you are, you realize that you can be completely fulfilled in each moment. Though you have goals and dreams that are yet to be fulfilled, you can be completely happy and at peace in every moment just being who you are. That is success.

In the face of disappointments you also recognize your success. You've learned to put failure in perspective instead of having it wreak havoc in your life. Because you are centered in who you are you take control of your emotions, putting them in perspective. You continue to see the bigger picture of your life.


You are satisfied with where you are, knowing you have more to accomplish. You are at ease as you make steady progress working on your own personal goals. You continue to take each step without the mad rush of urgency. It's you being you, fully connecting and making a difference in each moment.


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