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The Power Our Stories Have

By: Guest Blogger


We are addicted to stories. Our brains are just wired that way. Give people facts, and most of them will forget it. But tell a story, well, that story can live on for generations!


Marketers know this. That’s why they are so attentive to create a story in each commercial. How many of you remember the Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial with the little kid dressed up as Darth Vader? It sticks. It tugs at our heart strings. The story is ingrained in our brains. And for some people, that story moves them to consider Volkswagen for their next car purchase. The story serves a purpose – it influences action.


Are you aware of the stories that are circulating in your brain? What action do they influence you towards? There are stories that we pick up from advertisements. Stories that tell us we need to lose weight, gain muscle, buy those clothes or be a certain way.  And then, there are the stories we glean from our interactions with people.


The way those people treat us, the way they describe us, the way they speak to us, all those contribute to a story in our brain. Who interprets that story? We do. We get to decide what the plot is. And then we build upon it in our own head. And ultimately, it influences our actions at the deepest level – our subconscious.


You see, our subconscious can’t tell fact from fiction. It feasts upon what you feed it. So if you’re constantly feeding it stories of negativity, lack, indecision, or self-doubt, you’ll reap those results in your life. Likewise, if you feed it stories of positivity, abundance, decision, and confidence you’ll reap those results.


Take for example, a dear friend of mine. He grew up in a family of “smart” siblings. When he attended school and had the same teachers as his older siblings, the teachers noted that he wasn’t as bright as his siblings. He caught on slower, had a harder time grasping concepts. As a result, his teachers started treating him as the “less smart” sibling. Or, at least, that is how he interpreted their actions.


The story he gleaned from his interaction with his teachers and comparison with his siblings was that he was not smart. How did that influence his actions? It put him at risk of retention. He struggled with academics all throughout his childhood years.


Flash forward to his early twenties. He got into personal development, changed his circle of friends, and launched his own company. Now, when he attends conferences, people constantly comment that he is such a smart, bright young man. They are impressed with his character, his maturity, and that he seems to be much wiser than his years.


Same person, but much different result. Why? Because he changed the story in his head. Instead of allowing himself to believe that he was not smart, that he would not be as successful as his siblings, he chose to believe that he was smart in a different way. And as he slowly re-wrote the story in his head, his brain started influencing his actions in a different direction.


Do you see the power of story? It has the power to change your trajectory.  What story are you allowing in your head? What story are you feeding yourself? What are you allowing to simmer and develop into a full-blown blockbuster? Do you like the direction that story will ultimately lead you? 


If not, change it! Take control of the narrative in your head. Shape your own story. Master that, and you’ll see the real difference in your life as well.


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Silvica Rosca is Founder & CEO of Business Brains, INC. She coaches women, who want to get ahead in their careers, to become CHAMPIONS!
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