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March 27- 31, 2017

During this week you'll prove to yourself that you can do it, not simply tell yourself that you canThings will only begin to change when you show yourself that you can.

Get over your fear and procrastination and launch and accomplish a goal you've been putting off, once and for all.
Here’s how it’s gonna happen: 27th– 31st of March

Day 1—Using the tools and creating goals

Day 2—A look at what really affects your results

Day 3—Handling distractions/procrastination

Day 4—Taking stock of your results

Day 5—Cause to celebrate

In less than a week you’ll go from stuck and hiding, to strutting your results! It’s time to get over your fear and procrastination once and for all and get results.

Dr. Gwen is a Performance Breakthrough Expert who has a proven record of successfully mentoring hundreds of people to get breakthrough results in their lives and work. She's a transformational leader an author and a speaker. 
Throughout the five days you’ll have tons of support from me. I’ll even pair you up with a challenge buddy for accountability!
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