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Wake up To Your Success

wake upBy: Dr. Gwen Smith


Many people are asleep to their success and aren't cognizant of the part their awareness plays in getting them the results they want. They have fears, negative self-talks and other voices that stop their progress. Overcoming fears by replacing those negative voices with positive self-talk is not possible without being aware. Being aware is the number one key to driving success.


In this model there are four states that exist and only one produces true success. Are you a Dreamer, and Un-Motivated Non-Achiever, an Overachiever or a Breakthrough Performer?


Let's examine the characteristics of each to find out.

The Dreamer



If you want to achieve massive results the dreamer is not the person you want to be. No one really desires to be this, yet, quite a number of people find themselves at this phase dreaming about what they want, yet failing to get into action to even make the first step. Or, they frequently start something and simply abandon what they're working on mid-stream, never getting around to finishing it. The number one reason for this is typically fear and negative self-talk that they need to overcome. 


If you're a dreamer you have a strong desire or passion for something more, however you lack awareness of yourself. This awareness allows you to be cognizant of the voices that are in your head that stop you. The voices that tell you that you're not good enough, that you're a failure, that you can't do it; all of those voices that leave you powerless and stopped in your track, failing to produce the results that you so long to have but just can't seem to achieve.


Those voices are coming from your subconscious mind. Recognizing those voices and being able to counteract them before they take root, will give you power to propel you towards the success you've been yearning for, instead of the sabotages you are currently experiencing. 


Your sporadic commitments and bursts of integrity and the consequently low transformative actions stop you from following through on what you want or desire; and yet, this is not something you desire. However, unless these areas transform, you will never achieve the goals you want to achieve in your life. When you know what to do with these voices, it will get you out of the rut you've been stuck in for years, even decades.


The recommendation for you is to increase your awareness using The PDC Technique. This technique allows you to Pause (P), Differentiate (D), and then Create (C). The pause allows you to recognize and identify the voices for what they are and all their associated stories. The differentiation allows you to separate yourself from the stories. Then next you create more empowering stories that get you moving in the right direction to creating the results you want. 


This is powerful to overcoming fear, anxiety, and for finally conquering fear and negative self-talk, replacing them with the new stories you create and the positive self-talk that empower you to achieve the results you desire to have. As mentioned in the past, integrity and passion are a huge part of this formula to stay in a successful mode. .


It's necessary to know that your subconscious mind rules 90-95% of your automatic actions. This subconscious is fed by your negative past and all your fears and self-talks which currently stop you from ever achieving anything beyond what you've already achieved. I'm quite certain you can see the importance of taking charge of your awareness to overcome these past events that keep you stuck. 

Understanding how to differentiate yourself from the talks you are having in your mind and the stories you are creating around them, and replacing them with empowering stories instead is the key to your having a breakthrough.To know how to do that access the free training.





The Un-Motivated Non-Achiever



If you are here, you aren't creating anything in your life. You feel completely trapped and you have no way of escaping simply because you have no desire to start. Desire or passion is a key ingredient to setting the other elements in motion. .Without it you will not see a need to begin to take the first step.


Its recommended for you to take the Passion Test to help you identify what your Top 5 Passions are and to be inspired in creating something for your life. You are in a dark place currently, and you can climb out by simply discovering what lights you up and puts a fire in your belly and then putting in motion those things.


The Over-Achiever



If you are here you are having some level of success in achieving your goals. In fact you may be looking as though you are a breakthrough performer. People are WOWED by your performance. You continuously break through the expectations you and others set for your work.


Because you are lacking passion and desire, it also affects your ability to identify with the work that you're doing. The creation piece is missing. There is not an internal connection. In fact you feel unfulfilled; you have a deep sense of longing and you feel as though something else is missing in your life.


You are in the rat race, wanting to get out, but you are not sure what you want to do and you're stuck just going through the motions. . Because you continuously stay in action fulfilling on what is required, you have the appearance of success.


That apparent success, however, is coming at a deep loss to your soul. You will soon feel burnt out unless you discover your passions and work towards fulfilling on them.

Deep inside there is a longing for more.


As a business owner your business is quite possibly doing well financially, however you are not feeling fulfilled and energized. You are empty, unhappy and  disappointed that the money you have is not bringing you the happiness you thought it would.


Find your passions and fulfill them. That is the only way that you will begin to have a sense of life and loving of life and all that it has to offer. Your passions will feed your desire to create a connection between yourself and the work you love to do so that you can enjoy ecstasy. It doesn't require money to get there. And with money you will enjoy it even more.


The Breakthrough Performer



If you are here, you are living a life that is fully and completely joyous. It doesn't mean that you won't have challenges. What it means instead is that you have all of the internal awareness-tools to handle the challenges and the strategies to execute and create empowering contexts even in the face of setbacks.


Your joy runs deep and is not based on the externals. You accept the challenges that come along the way, creating empowering conversations to
help you deal with them and remaining open to the creative flow of what shows up..

It also means that by virtue of being in creation, you've identified a connection between yourself and the work that you are doing. The work fulfills you as well as others, and you continuously are energized by staying in action around your work. You enjoy what you do and it doesn't feel like something you need to get away from to have fun.


As a breakthrough performer, your success is certain, not because everything always works out as planned, but because you are flexible and open to easily and effortlessly work with what shows up, understanding that it is all for yourself and the mission you are working to achieve. You excel at what you do because it is an extension of yourself.


As a breakthrough performer you empower and uplift others and you work to create community understanding the interdependence that precedes massive success. You breathe light and life in everything that you do.


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