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Are you a spiritual entrepreneur, leader or practitioner with big ambitions and desires to create an impact, live your medicine and leave a legacy? 

After all your achievements, do you find yourself sensing a void, as if there's something missing? Or do you have a persistent feeling of being stuck or blocked that seems to be hindering your progress to reach the next level?

What about negative self-talk, self-limiting beliefs, and fears that show up?

 Do they keep you frozen in place...afraid to take the very next steps needed for the advancement of your business, mission or dreams?.

If these sound familiar, read on...

I'm Dr. Gwen, and I have successfully coached and transformed lives and businesses for over 25 years now. 

And while I have all the tools to cause your life and business to flourish, I know that 98% of our successes, even in business, comes from addressing these internal energies, feelings or emotions. It's the inner-game.

These feelings or energies are quite common. But why do they exist? 

First, it's all about auto-suggestion, a psychological principle that resides deep in your subconscious. It's what keeps you stuck in repetitive patterns, affecting not just one aspect of your life, but every other area as well – often without you even realizing it.

This principle helps us understand why some people achieve success easily while others struggle to make progress, no matter how much they try.

If you find yourself in the latter group, know that there is hope.

You have come to the right place to break free from the obstacles standing between you and what you desire to achieve next.

It's time to release those obstacles, discover your true purpose and confidently deliver your legacy to the world, so you can finally feel peace, power and profits.

Let's work together to unleash your full potential and create the life you deserve.

I empower you...

I help you break free from the things that are holding you, your life in general, and your business back from achieving desired success. I'll help you identify your purpose and passions, and work with you to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from achieving your goals, whether it's in life, business or relationships. I'll also help you release any emotional baggage weighing you down.

Using a combination of shamanic tools, energy healing, and coaching, I work to remove unwanted energies - even those that you may not be consciously aware of.

The ultimate outcome of my work is an increase in clarity, self-confidence to take the steps that once scared you, and self-worth, empowering you to step forward and level up..

By releasing these negative energies, you can move forward with greater ease and clarity, allowing you to create the life you truly desire.

Reach Your Full Potential with Dr. Gwen

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When you experience emotional turmoil, abuse, physical pain, or other illnesses or imbalances, it can be difficult to achieve peace and fulfillment due to residual energies, unknown to you, that are trapped inside your body. This affects your business, life and relationships, considering that you are a holistic being and there's no compartmentalized part of you that is separate from affecting the other parts. 

 With the right support and guidance, it is possible to overcome these challenges and move towards having more peace power and profits in life.

This is why energy healing is a foundational part of all elements of our practice.

Using several quantum scientific, healing and spiritual tools, we coach you through the process while releasing energies that heal your past emotional baggage, traumas or physical wounds, facilitating healing throughout your entire system. 

You feel renewed; your self-confidence improves; and your ability to do what you once thought difficult or impossible to do becomes a reality. You become even more equipped to take on new challenges you would likely have given up on in the past. 

You become focused, fulfilled and clear around living your passions and delivering your purpose to the world! Our assessment helps to provide a snapshot of your current actions and where to start. 

A holistic approach is the single biggest reason why energy healing and divination are foundational to transformation for my program clients and their businesses

Clients engaging in my programs seem to quit struggling and start taking on what they once floundered at repeatedly!

Even ongoing physical pain that once seemed permanent, at times disappear!

This is because releasing trapped energies frees you from the weight of your past self-limiting beliefs and allows your body, mind and spirit to heal. The script you had running in your mind gets erased and you realize the truly amazing, powerful being you really are. 

You begin your path to becoming ALL YOU WERE MEANT TO BE


Erica Thibodeaux, MS, LPCC

Dr. Gwen is a powerful healer. I had personal and generational issues that have been with me for many years. Since working with Gwen, navigating life has become easier and decades long issues have resolved. She was able to pinpoint the underlying causes of ailments that have been difficult and has removed and cleared the energy that was causing them. She is a potent and incredible healer who has helped me physically, emotionally, and energetically. I am forever grateful.

Erica Thibodeaux, MS, LPCC

Antoinette, J, USA

When I came to Dr. Gwen I was working on coming out of a depressive state. I had been feeling withdrawn and full of anxiety. I lacked the passion, motivation and discipline to accomplish the tasks and goals I had set for myself. I had been battling this for about 4 years. The 1st two years, I labeled it as being lazy because I was dealing with the pressures of my father’s declining health. After his transition in December of 2019 and then covid related changes in 2020, I really began to accept what I was truly dealing with. In December of 2021, Dr. Gwen began a series of energy clearing sessions. I began to feel lighter and free. My childlike giddiness began to resurface. There was an eagerness to “get back to work.” I felt inspired and could feel my creativity rising. I began to work on my goals with a passion and had a clear focus of how I wanted to tackle them. I feel AMAZING! Thank you, Dr. Gwen. Your knowledge, passion and ancestral guidance is powerful!

Antoinette, J, USA

Shirley J, USA

I initially came to Dr Gwen for support around sleep issues. I was having a hard time falling asleep and getting a good night’s sleep. Dr Gwen worked with me in clearing energy and stored up emotions. She was skillful, kind and confident. I felt hopeful about our work, and I was SO THANKFUL that I have been sleeping so much better since we worked together. Falling asleep with ease, staying asleep, and having dreams with my ancestors visiting. I highly suggest Dr Gwen, and the unique magic she brings to her healing practice!

Shirley J, USA

Vyvian, C, USA

Before my sessions, I struggled for most of my life with depression , anger issues. My kids, 4 and 17, who also had sessions, struggled with resentment, anger, hyperactivity, clinginess, and shyness.

My first session was emotional as it brought up many traumatic experiences and feelings I had buried. The day after my session I noticed an immediate change– during the night I had vivid dreams and upon waking up I felt lighter. The emotions I felt towards those memories weren’t there anymore, like a void, but a great void.

My anger issue changed immediately, I noticed I dealt with confrontation in a completely different manner than before. A very specific experience was when “shame” was covered during a session. 16 emotions were released tied to “shame”- SIXTEEEN!! Imagine thinking I feel one particular way and finding out there were so many other emotions tied to that one feeling!

No wonder we feel confused sometimes!

I found this so interesting because I would not have acknowledged that I was traumatically holding on to shame. But my subconscious made it known. This session covered so many traumatic experiences I have for years brushed under the rug and talked myself through if triggered.

I can honestly say I had one last cry and goodbye to how those experiences affected me. It felt as if I gave myself and my feelings validation. I gave myself permission to never feel that hurt again. It felt healing.

My son, 17 dealt with resentment towards his sister being born. It had been concerning for me at times the way he would react towards her. Within a few days of his session, I noticed he was more attentive and caring towards his sister and his results continue to grow. This is how I have always wanted their relationship to be. Not with competition, but acknowledgement and loving interaction with each other.

My daughter, 4, does not have as many tantrums when she does get beside herself. We have implemented a way she can calm down and we are able to honestly speak, with her sharing her feelings.

Our days are more balanced to where she can spend alone time, instead of needing my attention constantly throughout the day. Which drained me and honestly created an imbalance as an individual, mother, and sole provider.

I look at her in a different beautiful light. It has been a few weeks since my last session and I can honestly see a huge transition in my relationship with and between my children, with others, and most importantly, with myself.

Through the sessions and Dr. Gwen’s guidance, I have become more aware of when I feel an emotion and what the real trigger under THAT actual emotion is. I now address it in a healthier way. I’ve been given a hands-on experience of what “letting go” or “releasing” is and what that can look like for me as I continue to walk through life.

It’s been so empowering to understand what kept me from seeing my true value as a person, mother, woman; and not knowing how to see that in myself, and for others to see that value in me as well.

These emotional releases have given me greater insight into myself. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Gwen.

Vyvian, C, USA

Evric, B, USA

I had numbness in my legs and fingers and a lot of painful tingling in my leg bones for about 2 years. Dr. Gwen did a few sessions of energy healing. My pain was relieved, and I could move around much freer, whereas before, I had a lot of cramps which was very uncomfortable due to standing for long periods. Feeling much better presently due to Dr. Gwen’s energy work.

Evric, B, USA

Martina J., USA

..I had this amazing one-on-one call in which Dr. Gwen did some holistic healing energy work that worked WONDERS!!!…I’m truly pleased with the results. ”


Martina J., USA

Q. A, Africa

I am flowing and non-constricted”. This is different than the past feelings, even at the beginning of the call. The feelings of tightness and constriction since the stroke have been released… I feel more sure-footed and confident that I am getting better physically…Generally the hopelessness and despair have lifted….can’t pull the feelings of negativity anymore; seems to be blocked…Feeling calmer after session.”

Q. A, Africa

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We are all energy. So are our experiences. The pain we suffer, the words others say to hurt us, the thoughts we encounter…all of it is energy.

Whether positive or negative, your subconscious mind keeps a record of those experiences, creating many of your behaviors as programmed responses. 

This programming can be great if it is an empowering circumstance that created it. But all too negative circumstances create triggered responses that keeps you stuck in the same pattern of repetition and helplessness to change it. 

You repeat the same cycles of self-sabotage, fear, anger, inability to make money, relationship failures, ongoing physical pain, anxiety and so much more. 

Removing these energies heal emotional and physical wounds, facilitate healing throughout your entire system and improves your ability to do what you once thought difficult or impossible to do. 

You become even more equipped to take on new challenges you would likely have given up on in the past.


Each trapped energy is removed one at a time after identifying what the energy is. See more

This is a completely private process during which you can choose to disclose or not, whatever the circumstances surrounding the events were. It’s not mind reading and it doesn’t require you to be in any type of altered state. 

In fact, it can be done remotely while you carry on with your normal day. Since it’s estimated that we each have between 100-1000 trapped emotions throughout our lifetime, the best approach is to continue your process for clearing for as many goals as you’d like to achieve.

What the Process Looks Like

Complete a brief survey online outlining your goals and what you want to work on and schedule your session. This helps us target the areas that you want to work on and make the sessions personalized to your own needs. The energy clearing work is designed precisely around those needs.
Complete the agreement and terms. This establishes a clear working relationship between us so you know what to expect.
During the session I target the exact emotions that are leading to the problems. By targeting the emotions we are safely ensuring that the issue will be addressed.
Identify the age when the energy was trapped. Your subconscious mind at times will not allow the emotion to be released unless some memory of the event, such as the age of the occurrence and/or the event surrounding the energy, are first brought to your conscious mind. 
Released the trapped energy and test for it’s removal. After the energy is released a test is conducted to determine its removal. The next emotion is addressed in the same way. 


Let's help you create a crystal clear vision for your ultimate life or business success, and uncover hidden challenges that may be slowing you down, or stopping you from the growth you or your business deserves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is energy clearing/healing?

Often, you’re not aware that obstacles are created from experiences you’ve had in your life. Sometimes those obstacles are created from inherited energies that continue to impact generations of families. Whether positive or negative, your subconscious mind keeps a record of those experiences creating many of your behaviors as programmed responses.

All too often the negative circumstances create subconscious programming that keeps you emotionally stuck. But this is not the only limitation of these energies. They create imbalances in your body which sometimes show up in the form of diseases that can't seem to be cured. Medical tests show no deficiencies in the organs or glands, but you know something is wrong.

While we do not diagnose medical situations and promise healing, as we are not licensed to do so,, often times we've seen that removing these energies allow your body's imbalance to be restored. As a result, the ailments disappear. 

During our energy clearing session I'll identify the trapped emotion, when it occurred and the event that led to it being trapped, if necessary. Psychic traumas are removed, and triggered behaviors lose their grip on you, empowering you to choose self-confidently those reactions, relationships and behaviors that serve you.

New energies can be trapped on a regular basis. Consequently, our services include coaching using The Surrender For Freedom method around how to prevent new energies from being trapped, as you continue to release the old ones that no longer serve you. 

How does energy healing work?

You've likely heard from the quantum physicists that everything is energy and that we are all connected. There's nowhere else that this can be seen as practically as in energy work. The reality is that it allows us to connect no matter where you are in the world, and no matter what the condition you may find yourself in, whether non-responsive or not. By establishing a connection, I'm able to do the work on myself, which miraculously transmits to you. 

Consequently, you see the healing and results in your life. 

Who is energy healing for?

This work is for anyone, even your pets. We've worked with cats having anxiety: spraying everything, to dogs who have had attachment anxieties and are terrified of motorized equipments, to animals who have had years of skin conditions, with amazing results. 

This works with babies, young children, teenagers and adults; even the comatose. The trapped energies can produce any ailment or condition. When the energies causing the conditions are removed, the problems go away. Energy is everywhere and it has no limits to where it will reach. 

How do I know if I need it?

If you've had any major or minor traumatic event in your life, you likely have trapped emotions. You may also have inherited them. These inherited emotions once cleared, seems to clear from everyone in the lineage. 

Sometimes you can feel the energy rise up inside your body. When you think of a certain individual or event you may get angry or experience fear or anxiety. But often times you don't feel it in the way you think you should. It's subconscious. 

What it does is generate feelings of low self-esteem, not feeling good enough, fear, anger, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, relationships issues, self-sabotaging behaviors and so much more. You may be easily triggered when clearly your reaction is an over-reaction. These are all signs of trapped energetic emotions in your body.  

But this is not the only way it shows up. Physical ailments or pain in the body is a very common way it also shows up. For example an ongoing condition that you or your doctor cannot find a cause for. 

Any of these signal trapped emotional energies, and these sessions can help to clear them. 

What is the benefit of doing the 10 session package versus the pay-as-you-go session ?

The first benefit is from a financial standpoint. The 10 session package offers a $460 discount over paying the sessions as you go. The package allows a more holistic approach since many of the issues that show up may be related to several different past events. 

This allows us to more completely clear the energies surrounding the challenges you're having, which will result in an overall greater impact in your life.  

If this fits within your budget, this is the best way to go to save up on your energy clearing sessions and to address as many goals that are possible for your situation. 

How soon can I expect to see results?

Results can be instantaneous. Pain or other imbalances can immediately leave. At other times, processing occurs in a matter of days, but integration can be also that quick or in weeks or even months. 

The average client starts to see/feel results in a matter of about 2 sessions or more. Some, immediately during the session. It's totally individualized, however, since everyone is different and results depend on the energies that are being cleared. 

Also, we've found, in some instances, that the changes can be very rapid. However, often people are not aware of them until they are put in the same situation that once triggered them.

For example, one of our clients who is terrrified of mass bodies of water, didn't report her results until months later, when she had an opportunity to visit the beach and go in the water. She was ecstatic, though all along, she thought there were no changes. 

Finding yourself in situations that once triggered you will help you discern any shifts that may already be occuring. 

There are those situations in which you may have blocks to the actual achievment of the goal being pursued. Those situations require that the blocks be found and removed, for processing to begin. This does not prevent any of the previous releases from processing. Once the blocks are removed, the processing of the previous releases begins. 

If you don't seem to be progressing towards achieving the main goal as yet, there are other side benefits to watch for. You may experience, as many people do, a level of peace, calmness, more groundedness and control, more restfulness due to deeper sleep, more vivid dreams, and so much more.

Can you clear energies from my pet?

Yes, We have done energy clearings on pets with amazing results. 

What are the limitations of working on others?

Energy is everywhere and so energy is not limited. The only limitation we can think of is first securing the approval of the adult, or caregiver, or the pet owner, before work begins. 

We do not perform energy work on individuals without their permission, or the permission of the individual making the decision for their care. 

My uncle is sick and in the hospital, can you do energy work to help him?

People should seek and maintain medical care with their health facilitator. Energy healing is not a replacement for medical care. Instead it augments medical care, causing a more rapid healing of conditions when the trapped energies are removed. 

This happens because the emotion that were causing the body to be imbalanced are no longer there and now the body can heal itself. 

If the permission of the person making the decision for the client is secured, energy work can be done. All we're doing is removing trapped, negative energies. 

What is the process for securing your service?

  • Complete a brief questionnaire at the time of payment which outlines your goal(s) for your session. Schedule your session.
    This helps us target the areas that you want to work on and make the sessions personalized to your own needs. The energy clearing work is designed precisely around those needs.
  • Complete the agreement and terms sent via email.
    This establishes a clear working relationship between us so you know what to expect.
  • During the session, remote or by phone, I target the exact emotions that are leading to the problems.
    By targeting the emotions we are safely ensuring that the issue will be addressed. The first session is always by phone unless extenuating circumstances prevail.
  • I identify the age when the energy was trapped, if required.
    Your subconscious mind at times will not allow the emotion to be released unless some memory of the event, such as the age of occurrence and/or the event surrounding the energy, are first brought to your conscious mind.
  • Released the trapped energy and test for it’s removal.
    After the energy is released a test is conducted to determine its removal. The next emotion is addressed in the same way.


Energy healing is not a replacement for care by your doctor or your pet's veteranian. We do not promise to heal, cure or remove diseases from your body. We do not diagnose nor prescribe medication. We are not licensed to do so. 

We do, however, remove trapped emotional energies and other imbalances, leading to reduction or disappearance of physical ailments or emotional conditions, which promote faster healing and restoration of your body's balance, while under the care of your doctor. 

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