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By: Dr. Gwen Smith

Most people have goals and dreams that are yet to be fulfilled in their lives. Some have carried those dreams for multiple decades. Those dreams have been carried in their hearts as they live their lives of quiet desperation and ‘safety’. Walking the road less traveled does not occur to them.


A feeling of ‘safety’ comes from receiving a paycheck from week to week or month to month to just subsist on, while they are torn, unhappy and sad inside. They are too afraid to take a risk to fulfill their dreams, or for some, they just don’t know what it takes or just how to do it.


As an illustration, quite recently I listened to a dear woman tell her story: She was a cordial, lovable soul, obviously in her late fifties to early sixties. She said,

“I can retire now because I have worked 23 years at my job, but I need money; money to live on so I can pay my bills. If I had money I would go off now to live my passions and to do all the things that I wanted to do all these years that would make me happy. I can’t retire now because I dont have money.”


I wanted to interrupt her speech to tell her that she absolutely did not have to wait to retire to be happy, and that just by doing what she loved now, could begin to create for her not just a new income stream that could create comfortable living well into her retirement years, but also that the drudgery and wearisome feeling that she now experiences would quickly vanish away.


My lack of availability at the end due to another engagement did not allow me linger and reach out immediately to her. I will however be following up to shed some light for her on what is possible.


How about you?


What are you absolutely just enduring simply because you feel you must, or that there are no other options for you? Do you have unfulfilled dreams but find yourself too scared to walk this road? Not taking the road now will not create happiness later. You’ll find yourself in a similar situation as this dear lady does.


No doubt your fear comes from the unknown. Not knowing if you will succeed, or if you will be able to make enough money to support yourself, not knowing what it requires or even perhaps what you could do. All of these are legitimate concerns and should not be reason to stop you from pursuing your dreams. For sure you can start to fulfill on your dreams now even while you hold down your job. Quitting immediately is not a requirement.


Working on someone else’s dreams full time while leaving yours on the back burner will only prolong your unhappiness and cause burnout. So let’s take a look at what it really requires to walk the road to see if you are ready.


What does it require to walk the road less travelled?


There are six requirements to travel this road.

#1-2 Passion and Awareness to know exactly what you want to achieve.

8-7 Aware

It’s not enough to be guessing at it. Clarity around your passions is needed. This is the “what”. There will be enough people telling you what you should and shouldn’t do, and being able to drown out their voices and connect to your own internal voice is what’s going to cause you to stay the course. This ensures that you love what you do.


#3 Self-Confidence and Belief to keep on going because you can see your dreams being fulfilled and you have the confidence to believe that it will lead to your freedom.

8-7 belief

It’s a scary, lonely road. There are not too many people on that path. The majority of folks on the other paths often cast an eye of judgement in your direction. Despite this, you’ll need to be bold enough to believe in yourself to take that path regardless. You’ll doubt sometimes, but you must continue to believe.


#4 Boldness to continue to pursue your dreams in the face of discouragement, and sometimes jealousy and threat.

8-7 Be Bold!

Friends and well-wishers will ask you questions about your sanity. They mean you well. You’ll be scared. You’ll be criticized. Unless you are fortified internally, to overcome those fears, you will cave in and abandon your long term happiness remaining stuck for decades. You must be bold to stand up to critical voices and discouragement. To get up again and start over when you fall. You can only fail if you quit.


#5-6 Action and Persistence around the things that you need to do to get the results that you’d like to see despite the lack of support from those who love you.

8-7 Action Persistence

Sometimes you may require a favor from someone you know love you and you don’t get the response you expected. They didn’t support you.


Mental tenacity to stick with your goals and stay persistent and in action despite what you’re facing: loneliness, despair, lack of support or even at times rejection is very important to walking this road.


I can think of a story of persistence and action that will inspire you as much as it did me. This story was told by Dr. Kevin Hogan author of The Psychology of Persuasion. When his manuscript was completed, Dr. Hogan approached several publishers to have his manuscript published. His manuscript was rejected 240 times before it was finally published!! He stayed in action and went submitted his work again and again because he not only believed in himself but he was persistent to see it through.


To walk the road less traveled you have to believe in yourself and your dreams and have the courage to pursue those dreams in the face of rejection.


So, do you believe you have what it really takes for you to go after your dreams and to stay the course on this road? Are you scared of how it sounds? Do you have what it takes to really make it?


The great news is that the people who succeed don’t have special talents, gifts or resources not available to you. If you are willing to commit to getting support around the six requirements, you too can walk this road, conquer your fears and be happy.


So will you? Will you step out and walk the road less traveled to start to fulfill your dreams today? I’d love to support your beautiful journey. Access a free masterclass that shows you how you can tackle those fears and have the courage to step out and walk your road.

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