By: Dr. Gwen Smith

Most people want success. Do you really know what it is and the way to really achieve it to bring happiness and fulfillment to your life? Quite a few people are chasing empty dreams year after year without a sense of fulfillment and success. Not knowing what the success is that you want is half the problem. I like Earl Nightingale’s definition of success. “The progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

Worthy suggests something valuable, and desired to be attained. It’s something you want to go after. Worthy is by you. It’s your definition. This isn’t small and it innately includes a huge benefit or satisfaction to you as well as to others. It’s therefore the thing that is important to you.
Worthy ideals are what make you feel exhilarated when you imagine yourself achieving it. It is personal and not dictated by others. Unfortunately, many women define their goals based on what others want for them—what their husbands or partners want, what their friends are into or what they feel that they also can do just because they see someone else doing it. They also define their success with tons of limitations in mind. This is never the right way to choose your path and be happy and successful.

You have a unique calling that only YOU can do in just the right way.

You cannot have your life goal based on what someone has set for you. It should not even be based on a random need that exists in society; it has to connect with the core of you. Finding the societal need that echoes with your inner spirit and soul will instead make you happy.
No one else in this world has to like it or have an opinion about it. As long as it resonates with the core of your being, it will be great for you.
This is the only way to be really content with any success that comes your way. Otherwise, you’ll simply join the ranks of those achieving a lot of stuff, yet still feeling empty, sad and unhappy with inside.

So How Do You Achieve YOUR Massive Success?

So once you’ve defined what your worthy goals are, the ones that will bring you success, the one thing to keep in mind is that now you will have to achieve them. It’s not good enough to dream of them year after year without even making incremental progress. They often say the graveyard is a very wealthy place: many goals and dreams are buried there.
To achieve massive goals or ideas and to win big requires steady effort on your part. It takes laying out a strategic process and then staying in integrity around doing it. You must move the needle every year on what you want. It is step by step. This is no secret.
Yet many people fail at reaching their goals, and therefore fail to succeed. We see this repeatedly by the number of failed New Year’s resolutions. This is a travesty as there are ways for you to achieve what you want without losing out each year.
It is very possible to experience recurrent success if a key ingredient, overlooked by about 95% of people is added to the blend. This ingredient may pleasantly surprise you because it may generate a sense of relief for you knowing you don’t have to go it alone. Everyone who is consistently successful on a really large scale understands this principle—to succeed, you simply cannot act independently.

You have to act interdependently.

It means reaching out for help, reaching out for support, gathering resources that others can help you with and also having an expert or a mentor to support you; one who understands where you are going and how to support you in getting there.
She can help you overcome your procrastination and idiosyncrasies that get in your way of success and help to hold you accountable too. She may even guide you on how to write your goals so that you can actually set up strategies to help you succeed, just so that you can be empowered to move forward with what you want in your life.
Everybody needs a network to succeed and the people who are least successful in their lives don’t reach out for the support. They consider it unnecessary to get a coach or an expert to guide them, failing to realize that this service is an investment in their future.
And so each year they talk about where they want to be without the clarity of connecting with what it is, and the wisdom to reach out for the expert support they need to get them to advance another step each year.
Personally, I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in my own personal growth and development which has helped me to not only become clear about connecting with my internal core and what I want to achieve in the world, but it has also put me in touch with the resources, support and network to reach huge goals.
I am making an impact on a huge scale and it’s only going to get bigger. I know this requires massive moves and an even bigger network to introduce the right people, places and things to move the process in the right direction. I am ready and I am completely happy and successful because this is my definition of success which aligns with my core.
And so, are struggling to move forward in your life with your goals, plans or dreams? Perhaps this may be your next step. If you’ve identified and defined what it is that will bring you your own future success, now is the time to reach out and ask for support. It’s not a weakness, it actually shows your strength and resolve to become a more powerful person fulfilling on your purpose in your life and all that’s possible for you.
As you reach out, keep in mind that staying away from those who constantly speak negative words to you will be for your best good. Avoid those who try to put you down, and who don’t help you to envision more clearly what you are working to achieve. Share your future success with only those who can dream with you and encourage you.
At times a good network may not include your immediate family or loved ones. Even they may unintentionally discourage you. They may not see your vision, may be unfamiliar with how you can achieve it, and with good intentions may destroy your dreams.
Stay internally connected with your Internal Guide and Higher Self to keep on track in knowing what is right for you. Make those strategic goals to support what you want then find the expert, the coach, the mentor, the mastermind or the support system to help you gather the resources to achieve what your internal guide directs you to do to have the massive success and make your impact on others. For a free course to help you write your goals strategically you can click here.

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