By: Dr.Gwen Smith

A very important reason why you should consider doing network marketing and why most people are starting their network marketing business is because it is an opportunity to earn unlimited income and you have an opportunity to market products and services. This home based business requires just a laptop with internet connection and a cell phone, to run from anywhere around the world. You can do this business from your own home or from the beach. The choice is yours, and you get the advantage of being your own boss. You are the pioneer of your network and you are its leader. The convenience of being able to run a business from the comforts of your home is unparalleled, especially given the headaches associated with commuting in traffic and the costs.

There is also the added factor of feeling more at ease. When you are working from home, you are in a much more at ease and quite likely more happy to do your work. You don’t have to leave home, and better yet, you are free to work as little or as much as you want to, depending on your needs.

Gone are the days when you needed to have seminars and workshops and other physical meetings to keep your network opportunities running. While meeting face to face is more personable and recommended, you are also able to do meetings via Skype or Google Hangouts where time and distance separates prospects.  Everything can be managed over the Internet, and learning the techniques to use is not difficult at all. In fact, in most cases when you are new, an upline does the presentation for you, until you become proficient.

There is a bit of a learning curve from an employee mindset to a business owner mindset, however, once you learn how to function in your new capacity you will find that network marketing is the greatest business opportunity there is.

The industry is also rapidly expanding. Over the next four years, over 64% of businesses will be home based, network marketing included. The concept of marketing products through word of mouth is one of the oldest, most successful methods to market. Even a few top tier universities have recognized this and are beginning to teach this method of marketing in their business schools. It is clear that network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) will be around for a long time.

MLM has gained a newfound respect not only due to the professionalism of the affiliates, but also because many millionaires and successful people have emerged, earning salaries far exceeding some brick and mortar business, and most certainly their jobs. This respect is only reinforced by these results. The industry is responsible for quite a number of millionaires, who’ve ended up firing their bosses and devoted time to building their futures and retirement income. Even an established billionaire, Donald Trump, has been quoted to say that he would do MLM if he had to do it all over again making his billions. It is clear the level of respect the industry has earned.

Beyond the respect, there are several advantages to doing multilevel marketing, some of which were previously mentioned: unlimited income potential, tax benefits of a business owner, the ability to work collaboratively with a team to build a common goal, among other things.  


Individuals working a regular job, have an inability to create more income without being penalized from a tax perspective, and consequently, the more money they earn, the greater their tax liabilities. On the other hand, business owners are able to write off much of their expenses associated with doing their business.


Additionally, having only 24 hours in the day, limits how much money one can make at that set income already made. Having a job means that you alone are responsible for your income. No work, no pay, once the leave runs out. You exchange time for money, jeopardizing your family if you should become ill. Disability would not be sufficient, unless it replaces your full time income. Realistically only partial incomes are replaced in the event of a long term illness, and many people are already struggling on their full time income as it is.


Not so with network marketing; it is owning a business. In network marketing, many people are responsible for your income. And since the income is residual (you work once and get paid repeatedly for the life of the customer) many people are responsible for your income. You have a network of individuals.


A clear advantage to having the latter working for you, is simply that if at any time you become ill and are unable to work, you then are capable of still earning money on the work that you and your team have already done. This is the power of having a team contribute to your income instead of you alone.


Earning residual income is a wealth principle. A wealthy person once said, “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.”


A network marketing business has a relatively low start-up cost, yet can equal or surpass the income from regular brick and mortar businesses with their overhead and other expenses. There are no overheads, employees, or other headaches associated with owning a network marketing business. A good network marketing company is like a franchise. All the steps are duplicable, allowing new affiliates to model their successful partners, thereby reaping financial benefits as well.

When looking for a good company to partner with, there are some key factors to consider.


The company should:

  • Have no enrollment cost or annual fees or membership fees to keep up with
  • Have an international or global presence
  • Be recognized in the industry with awards
  • Have an A-A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Have unique products that are scientifically validated or peer reviewed
  • Have a simple two team concept for the average person to be successful
  • Provide multiple ways to earn income
  • Provide a free website for customers to order products and affiliates to pull reports
  • Provide customer service to customers to relieve affiliates
  • Require no inventory to be kept by affiliates
  • Offer an immediate opportunity to earn income during the first week
  • Young enough so affiliates can still earn money but stable enough to be secured (at least 10 years+)
  • Fun and enjoyable

There are no doubt only a few companies that can claim the benefits on this list and more.


These are some free videos to show you one such opportunity to change your future


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