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By: Dr. Gwen Smith


Having clarity, goals, directions, the right environment and skills are all important in playing a role in the level of success you’ll have no matter what you take on.


There is one over-arching secret that if missing, will sabotage every plan for success that you’ve put in place no matter if you have all of the above.


This is secret is Mastering Your Psychology—your mindset.


Mindset is the single most important factor that determines your success. Yet, it is the one thing that many seem to overlook. Its a by-product of your subconscious programming.


Subconscious programming is a result of all of your past experiences, pleasant or unpleasant, and the experiences of others you’ve witnessed as you grew up into adulthood. The programming for the most part occurs during the first seven years of life and forms the database from which actions, thoughts and results are pulled.


Many people remain blind and oblivious to the secret underworking of the subconscious mind, the main determinant of their mindset, leaving themselves to run on automatic by living into the past or the future instead of being present.


The dangers of running on past programming are that you’ll continue to get the same results you’ve gotten.


Have you ever found yourself to be seemingly trapped in a vicious cycle of results? Have you found that no matter where you go, and how you try to escape certain circumstances that they seem to pop up again with new people? That results from your subconscious programming.


Learning to master your psychology is therefore one of the most important skills you will ever learn which will help you to get results sooner rather than later, with less frustration.


Listen to a Facebook Live recording as I share with you some tips and ideas that you can immediately begin to use, to master your psychology.



In my coaching programs, I offer my clients a lot of powerful strategies for finally mastering their inner-game to allow them to step out in complete confidence.


Having someone support you through the process of releasing fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back makes a huge difference.


I’m offering a FREE session to you to help you clarify what you want and what is holding you back from getting the results you so greatly desire to have. If you’d like to take advantage, you’ll need to click the button below, answer the brief survey and schedule a time. Scheduling is available as long as time exists on my calendar.


To take advantage, schedule a session now by clicking the button below.

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