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By: Dr. Gwen Smith


All too often you set goals that you have a strong desire to achieve and yet somewhere along the path you fall off the path and give up. Sometimes we call this procrastination, and some may even go as far as calling it laziness.


The truth of the matter is, why you procrastinate doesn’t have anything to do with laziness. Likewise, failure to achieve a goal shouldn’t be attributed to laziness either. Like procrastination, failure to achieve a goal is an effect, not a cause.


We’ve looked at some of the effects of not having success, or said in a more positive manner, the secrets to propelling your success. This article will address Secret III: Skillset.


Why many people fall of their goal pathway may be a lack of acquiring the necessary skillset that will help them accomplish the goal.


Listen to my Facebook Live video that discusses Secret III and some recommendations to getting your goals achieved. 



Achieving your goals doesn’t have to be an esoteric feat. You too can have the same level of success as the 5-8% do on a regular basis by using these success principles.


As you listen to the video, be sure to jot down ideas that may come to you. These may very well be inspired ideas to set you on your path to success.


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