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By: Dr. Gwen Smith


We’ve all heard about ‘crabs in a barrel’ which we interpret to be those people around us who try to pull us back with their words, their attitudes towards us, and their actions against the goals that we set out to achieve.


You may have encountered folks like that and the plain reality is that they are toxic to your desires as long as you allow them to be. You like many others, have learned to watch out for them, to avoid them and to surround yourself with positive influences to be successful in your quest.


While that it’s great advice to separate yourself from those people, few have come to realize or embrace the other types of environment that exist, that will have a more clandestine yet more powerful effect on the results they get.


This is the reason why we are discussing Optimizing Your Environment.


In fact, when we talk about environment, people look at the things that are immediately surrounding them. There are, however, other layers of environment that will run havoc against the goals you’re trying to achieve if you’re not alert.


Failing to optimize your environment could possibly be detrimental to your success in achieving your goals.


Listen to my Facebook Live recording to hear about other types of environments and what you can do to optimize them so they can be in alignment with you and what you are working to achieve. 



As you conclude the recording consider this: What could you take out of your environment that is detracting from your ability to achieve success with ease and joy?


If you’re trying to start a business, and your work-space is so loaded with clutter that it takes you an hour or more to find a space to get down to work, well, that’s not so supportive. Optimize your environment and definitely watch your clarity increase and your business soar!


Make a list of things you could add to AND take away from your environment that will support your success.


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