I Help Ambitious Spiritual Practioners and Spiritual Leaders Find Peace and Fulfillment Without Struggling with Old Emotional Wounds and Traumas That Keep Them Stuck

I Help Ambitious Spiritual Women Find Peace, Focus and Fulfillment Without Continuously Struggling with Their Past 

I am Dr. Gwen. I’m a deeply grounded, spiritual medicine woman.

I walk in the deep nature of my ancestral calling to empower your life. If you’re lucky enough to be in my circle, you will experience genuine pure Divine love that oozes through me. 

But equally available is the fierceness of my warrior defenses, which I wield with power, to protect what I defend. 

I walk this earth to bring forth my medicine, so you can powerfully use yours; free from incapacitating blocks and the struggles from your past which suppress you.

I’m a natural born healer with an innate understanding of how energy works. My methods are grounded in spirituality and quantum science, and offer practical solutions that pinpoint underlying causes for your blocks in every possible area of your life. 

Listing certifications are no longer important to me, but just in case you may wonder, I have every level of certification that my practice requires: Certified Professional Coach, Energy Healing certifications in several areas, Business Success Coach Certified, Hypnotist certified, NLP certified, along with rewards and recognition for my work over decades of service to humanity. 

I’m an educator through and through, starting my practice as a high school engineering teacher, which led to me becoming a school principal, and later an executive leader in the school systems. I’ve been a professor and head of department at the University level where I coached other professors in areas of their practice. 

I love pouring into people’s lives and seeing them grow to becoming ALL they can be. I’ve done this my entire life.

I have been developing my coaching skills for more than 25 years, helping people from all walks of life, from all over the world, connect with their inner wisdom and change their lives for the better.

As an-energy-healing life coach I know the importance of achieving goals. As a spiritualist, I know the importance of being on the path you’re meant to be on. It’s the very foundation to your Peace, Power and Profits® …your complete fulfillment. 

My current practice empowers me to remove unwanted energies that keep you trapped, align you energetically to the goals you want to achieve and release the energies that block the goals that you’re working towards so you can step into your calling. 

The energy work I do and the program I have developed are designed to not only empower you to achieve what you want, but to help you remove blocks, and use resources to achieve them. 

I offer spiritual empowerment coaching that brings clarity to purpose, restores joy from within, helps you reach your potential and live a fulfilled life on your terms.

You stop struggling to fit in and to be like everyone else. You fall fully in love with who you are. 

Let me help you remove those physical and emotional blocks and imbalances and get you on the path to peace and fulfillment in being all you’re meant to be. 

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