Everyone wants to have personal success in his or her own life. Success however, seems to be evasive for so many people. The challenge may not only be societal definitions of success but rather a lack of a clear knowledge of who you uniquely are, and consequently absence of YOUR personal definition of success, in addition to diffusion of your energies trying to do ‘it’ all.

What Really Is Success to You?

Society, our schools and the social systems in general, have perpetrated universal, artificial standards of success which when embraced, create self-deprecating views as people look at others to measure up. The tyranny of this view is repulsive not only for its falsehoods but also for what it creates in others: A lack of appreciation for their individuality and greatness and the diffusion of their own personal power.
Personal success ought to mean different things for different people. It may look differently to a mom with six children than for a preacher over a large congregation. They don’t want the same things.
Success in one’s personal life ought to be defined by that individual. In a generic sense a gratifying definition of success is the achievement of one’s goals that one has set for his or her own life. Understanding this definition requires a deep knowing that success is not measured against someone else’s standards but rather one’s own.

Caveats About Success Standards

Of course in a corporate setting people have goals and standards they’d like to see others fulfill on their assigned tasks, and that is fine. It’s up to individuals to align themselves with careers that fulfill their individuality. Knowing that this may not be as easy, forces other options, such as creating an opportunity for oneself such as starting a business or a new venture.
It doesn’t also mean that standards will not be set by parents training their children. Yet even within those circumstances, opportunities should exist for uniqueness to be expressed.
Having everyone marching to the same beat completely defies the Divine purpose for which we are here.
No longer should the thought of creating a melting pot be embraced as the model, as this obliterates all flavors of individuality creating uniformity. Instead, embrace inimitability and consequently personal standard-setting initiated from personal heart work a result of Inner-Compass guiding..

What This Means for You

Operating from this premise generates motivation in fulfilling your goals that you’ve established for yourself and affirms your personality, thereby clarifying your successes as you achieve what you’ve set for yourself. This means that creating a business, choosing your career, or entering on a long term vocation will bring immeasurable satisfaction and fulfillment as you venture upon your goals.
This completely de-bunks the definition of success as measured against society’s claims and you own your personal power as you align with your Divine gifts. You no longer see the need to clamor for things your spirit doesn’t align with in order to just measure up. And therefore you are able enjoy the journey.
Creating your tasks in alignment with who you are also means that in the face of challenges and difficulties, you’ll display increased stamina, perseverance and fortitude instead of buckling under the load, and abandoning your dreams. This is especially important if you’re a business owner bringing solutions for the betterment of humanity.
Once you’ve clearly defined what these important areas of alignment are along with the measures of success that are applicable, it’s up to you to guard yourself and empower your actions to achieve them. If you feel that you’ve already made progress in this area, but yet you’re not making progress, you may need to increase your awareness of your thoughts, actions and surroundings.
What may be stopping your success is diffused energy due to lack of focus and clarity about your priorities.
Often your focus and energies are dissipated by having too many “priorities” that you are dealing with simultaneously. This slows the process, complicates your clarity and creates indecision and confusion.  Sometimes multiple priorities are necessary. However, if you are not able to delegate, your efficiency at getting to success is compromised when you try to achieve them simultaneously.
So ask yourself, “What are some of the things that I currently have that I am working on all at the same time without having clarified priorities?” Do you find yourself reviewing them over and over in your mind from day to day without being able to focus and move forward? Do you find yourself being thrown off-course by multiple ideas or wanting to do everything all at once?

If so, here are some further tips and ideas to help you focus:

  1. Make a list, prioritize them in the order of what’s important to you, and then tackle the items in that order. Avoid the temptation of jumping around to the next idea that pops into your mind. List-making has been proposed for quite  long time now, and if you were to seriously take on making the list, not only will you realize how freeing it is to your mind, but also it is very rewarding or telling. It tells the story of your productivity. It can be a great accountability tool and you can actually use to help you see and appreciate what you’ve actually accomplished or made plans to change what you’ve not.
  2. When ideas pop up to throw you off-focus, record them in a loose leaf notebook or 3×5 card so you can re-organize by topics later.
  3. Another item to help with your focus is a voice recorder on your cell phone. You can download a voice recorder app and use it to make quick        voice notes that you later transcribe to your notebook.

Remember, multi-tasking is not an activity your working memory loves to do. Your brain can only focus on one activity at a time. Avoid multi-tasking, and if you have to do it, be sure that one of the activities is already automated so you can free up the working memory in your brain to focus. You’ll get further ahead by tackling one thing at a time.


So, if you’re not finding success in your personal life, you may need to redefine what success is for YOU and bring clarity and focus to the tasks at hand by using tools to help you to move forward on a regular basis.

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