By: Dr. Gwen Smith
Educational Plans for children are a key opportunity for parents to have their input. Parents bring an essential perspective to the process. You should advocate for your child, providing another perspective to the views that school professionals may have about your child. Ask questions from the director of special education in your school district.
Always keep the standard of excellence in front of your child. Do not capitulate to any analysis and give in to what the results say. Keeping that standard can cause the child to rise beyond any expectation. Be in the child’s school as much as possible. Volunteer in the PTA and other leadership aspects, support the teachers, cause yourself to be known in the school. Be vigilant and visible.
Types of services that parents are entitled to for their children with disabilities. The public school is responsible for monitoring your child’s progress. Should be initiated by the parent, must bring children back and forth
If the child was place by the public school  due to a lack the school will pay for the services. Parents of children in private or home school settings can participate in public schools physical education classes, orchestra, or other activities. Call your local education agency, your special education school district.
The Dr. Gwen
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