By: Dr.Gwen Smith

We say we want to become… (whatever it is that we desire to become), and on the journey in getting there, the obstacles and challenges that we meet seem unbearable and insurmountable. They disrupt our normalcy and create feelings of internal turmoil and uneasiness. It is not familiar and so we feel vulnerable; we’ve never been there before. At the same time these experiences and feelings are the very things we need to shape us on our journey of fulfilling on who we are recreating ourselves to be.


The journey to greatness is never a simple or easy one. If it were, most would have attained it. We say we want to be extraordinary, and to live a life that matters; to make significant contributions to the people in our lives. I dare say to you: hang in there and be bold! Don’t give up!! I acknowledge this journey is weary and tiresome, and no doubt you’ve all felt it for a while. But like all the greats who have gone ahead of you, each challenge you encounter must be overcome. It is almost like God saying: let’s see how much you really desire this. If you do, show me! For your sake, hang on for dear life! It is not quitting time.


You want to become someone different, you said it… someone transformed!! See how the butterfly struggles from a lowly caterpillar and then evolves INTO a transformed creature? That’s who you are becoming: transformed! Not more of the same of who you are and what you are about now, but the transformed you. Fight for what you want; what you desire to be!


We frequently hear the statement BE DO HAVE. And we often become confused as to how we can be something when we don’t even have the resources to realize it. What I discovered is that I first have to Be what I want mentally and believe that I have it, before I can even start doing anything about it. Unless I have clarity about what I need to be, what I do will be amiss and I may end up somewhere, but not where I had originally planned to be. Knowing what or who I am being, creates a focus for my actions, and from those actions come what I HAVE, or the results. These results are the physical manifestations of wo I have become. So Be (mental conceptualization) Do (actions) HAVE (the results) and BE (the physical identity of my new being to others): BE DO HAVE BE.


To make this practical, if you desire to succeed at something you desire to have or to become, start with a mental goal and belief that you have what you want (BE)—Mark 11:24. Then, conceptualizing and fulfilling on the steps to get you there get into action (DO). Once you take the actions, you produce results to align with your goals (HAVE). And finally, others identify you by the results and actions you produce and you finally become in the eyes of others, a new human being (BE). This also creates a new level of personal beliefs about who you are in the world. Your confidence and beliefs in your abilities rise. In the face of a challenge and desire to become transformed, take these steps. If you continuously quit when the challenges come, you will never rise beyond what is normal for you. So, PRESS ON!!


Consider this quote:

What you get from achieving your goals is not as important as what you become from achieving your goals- Henry David Thoreau

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