By: Dr. Gwen Smith

We all want success but do we know what it is and how to really achieve it? One definition of success which I like is Earl Nightingale’s: “the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” Worthy ideal suggests something grand, something on a large scale. It isn’t small and it inherently includes a benefit to others and most likely yourself. And, who defines worthy? You my friend! You choose what is worthy for you in your life and you take the steps to achieve it. It is not about what others have or what others do. It is only about what makes your heart sing, and what speaks to your inner soul. It is independent of what others feel is possible. If you feel it in the depth of your soul that you can do it, then it is possible for you. This is the only way to be really satisfied with your success and your ideals that you create. Any other way leaves you with emptiness still feeling as though something is missing.

Now the thing to keep in mind is that to achieve your goals or ideals and to win big requires steady effort on your part. It requires laying a plan of action in measurable steps within timelines for achieving your goals: then moving methodically and consistently in concert with those plans. This sounds simple enough, yet many people fail at reaching their goals, hence fail to succeed. We see this year after year in failed New Year’s resolutions. This really does not need to be. It is quite possible to experience more frequent success if a key ingredient, overlooked by about 95% of individuals is added to the mix. This ingredient may come as a surprise to you, but everyone who succeeds repeatedly and on a very large scale understands this principle. To succeed, cannot act independently.  You have to act interdependently.

Everyone needs a network to succeed, and if you are struggling you quite possibly are overlooking this key ingredient. A network or mastermind can cause you to achieve what you are about. Being interdependent, not independent will increase the chances of your success tenfold. Yet, having just any network is not good enough. The people you include should hold your dreams with you, be encouraging to you, and be one with what you are about.

Avoid the envious and jealous crowd, the ones who criticize and negate everything you propose; the ones with ‘crab in a barrel’ mentalities, striving to pull you down each time you make a move in the right direction. Be cautious too as a good network may not be your immediate family and loved ones. They too may inadvertently put hurdles in your way and thwart your good efforts due to their limited view of what’s possible.  

Don’t publicize your goals to everyone. Utilize only the select few that you share oneness in spirit with. Build a network of people who will stand for you and cheer you along the way even when you feel like giving up. The very wealthy know and use their network to achieve marvelous things that they know they alone are not capable of achieving independently. Be interdependent.

Consider this quote from John D. Rockefeller “I would rather earn 1% of a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.”  It is true that “No man is an island, no man stands alone”. If limiting self-talks about not wanting to bother anyone, or not wanting to appear weak by asking for input or help is haunting your thoughts, just consider that success on a grand scale comes by utilizing a network. If you want to succeed at your worthy ideal on a grand scale, there is no way around it. Begin to consider who you can reach out to and begin your journey of achieving the success you deserve.


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