By: Dr. Gwen Smith

Selling products or services online is fast becoming a very popular way for people to start a business, whether or not they have products of their own. Quite a few millionaires have been made this way. To be successful in online marketing requires much more than just having a product to sell or selling someone else’s product, however. There are some definite key strategies to implementing the entire process that will make or break your success. Knowing how the system works allows you to scale your success in much the same manner as scaling a traditional business.

There are two ways that you can sell products online: creating your own products and selling someone else’s products.  The latter is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allows you to have a business while not owning any of the products you offer. We’ll discuss both to allow you to make the better choice for you.

Selling your own products

Whether or not you own a brick and mortar or an online business, the online market is where you belong, if you wish to continue to be in business for a very long time to come. All of the strategies applied to the online platform to market your business, will also work for you if you have a traditional business.

If you are someone who does not yet have your own business you may be quite confused or intimidated not only by the prospect of starting one, but also by the thought of even having one online. The great thing is that in any of those situations, you don’t have to do it alone and there is support to help you to do to get started.

No matter what your passions are, you can start a business and bring it in the online environment by creating a product to sell around your passion. Your product doesn’t need to be a physical product. In fact in most cases digital products offering education, information great value to others interested in what you have to offer, are most successful.

Digital products may be in the form of audio recordings or podcasts, videos, PDF copies or e-books. You know much more than you think, and offering your expertise and knowledge to others can create residual income for you for years to come while providing answers that others are seeking. People have successfully started online businesses in dog training and other highly niched areas with fast success. Of course success is highly individualized.

The opportunity to market your products requires that you understand how to establish a funnel, how to communicate and follow up with your target audience to build relationships, and how to create on-going value for them and meet their needs. These are skills that can be learned, and learning from an expert with good internet marketing knowledge is key.

The Passions to Earnings Success Formula is a system that takes you through a step-by-step process from identifying your passions to creating a business that aligns with your passions that you can bring to the online marketplace. The system provides structure, training and support that walks you through the process of identifying a business to launching your product successfully online. If you don’t have an idea for a product, you may also market other people’s products as an alternative and still be able to do as well, depending on the size of the ticket items for the products you market.

Selling others’ products

Whether or not you have a product of your own, being knowledgeable about other sources of income can help in your plans for a more secure financial future. Having multiple sources of income is a great way to build financial security and look after other causes important to you. If you do not have a product to sell, there are opportunities for you to sell other people’s products and still make great income as a business. Selling other people’s products is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing allows you to generate income from other people’s products and be paid a commission based upon a pre-determined amount, typically a percentage of the sale. The products you choose would best facilitate your success if they align with your interests or passions and match the needs of your target audience. As with marketing your own products, there’s a definite formula to use in communicating with your audience. Good affiliate companies provide exclusive training for you to be successful at using their systems.

All affiliate programs are not equal

It’s important to know that all affiliate marketing products are not created equal. Doing your research prior to selling any product will allow you to identify the best opportunities to not only maximize your earnings but also to ensure that the products perform as described. Avoid putting your own credibility on the line by doing careful research of any company that you choose to partner with.

Another important factor in selecting a company is the size of each ticket item.  Small ticket items require a lot more sales to earn life-changing income. Larger ticket items require fewer sales to achieve your dreams of financial freedom.

Company profile is important

Greater than anything else is the credibility of the company. Become familiar with the products and agreements that the company you are interested in can offer. Be sure that you can use the products yourself, and also be sure that their agreements do not limit you to marketing their products only.

Checking reviews online is also very important, and be warned that it may not always be reliable. Anyone, for whatever reason is able to write whatever they want without censure. I’ve been associated with very legitimate companies that have been black-balled as scams on the internet. Do your homework and follow up with people you know and trust before making a final choice. This will prevent you from losing out on great companies that can possibly transform your life experiences.

Quite recently I attended a Titanium mastermind in Puerto Vallarta Mexico sponsored by one amazing company and had the distinct privilege of meeting some of the world’s top internet marketers in that space. The training and the education was second to none. There was even built in time for fun! It was almost like being with family. The company has live all-inclusive events at least twice per year and this offers great training for people attending.

With this company, you have an opportunity to learn the internet marketing process from the products you are market online; this is an added bonus that most affiliate companies do not provide. You may use the products to educate yourself about online marketing topics and training and support are on-going.

Ability to earn income

Commissions for each sale can range from $1,250-$10,000. As with this you can see that it doesn’t take too many sales to earn a decent income, and with time as you learn more you can earn more. Gather more information about this company and watch their video to see if it can make a difference for you. 

Some other companies to look at for affiliate opportunities include Amazon, Clickbank and JV Zoo. Though having smaller ticket items, these companies have many good products that you can offer from a wide variety of niches. A Google search in the area of your interest while adding “+affiliate” at the end will produce even more results of companies you can do your research on. For example, if you are interested in health topics, you could do a search for “Health + Affiliate” in Google and work through the

If you are looking for life-changing income, however, it is a great opportunity to look for a high ticket item affiliate program that not only teaches you internet marketing and product creation skills, but also can have you replacing your income in a very short period of time as you learn.


In summary, you can create your very own product and market it online, and you can learn how to do so from an expert trainer and coach in the field. If you don’t have a product, you can do just as well considering high ticket item affiliate programs to earn life-changing income.

Keep these tips in mind:

  1. Do your own research
  2. Find companies that are reputable and that are paying sizeable commissions per sale, and possibly recurring commissions.
  3. Find a company that not only provides the training from using their products but also pays high commissions to reach your goals faster. 

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