By: Dr. Gwen Smith

So you’ve set your life empowerment plans: your New Year’s resolutions, maybe as you have done all of the previous years. However, realizing that you’ve previously fallen off the plan in past years, you have some slight trepidation about fulfilling the results you so desperately desire to see.
This time around, you vividly recall the challenges of the previous years, and you “will avoid them at all cost” says the determined voice in your head.  But this thought is not new. You’ve had it before. And, yet, you were still unable to fulfill on your plans as you had set them in the past.
So how can you ensure that this life empowerment plan really sticks this time? What can you do to ensure that you remain consistent in moving towards achieving what plans you’ve laid for your life.
The answers to these questions are simple and straightforward, and obviously not easy. It they were everyone would have achieved her plans and goals and be moving forward to the next big thing in her life.  
So, to empower you to have increasing success this year, I thought I’d share two of the chief areas to focus on that will give you a jump start in achieving your goals. The first is goal planning and the second, a bit more involved, affects your willpower and ability to move forward with your plans.

Goal Planning

I think a lot of people sabotage themselves in this preliminary stage by not having a structure in which to operate. Let’s look at an example using a possible personal scenario. Do you find yourself just saying, “I want to lose weight this year?” Or, even for example, I am going to make a lot of money, or get rich this year?”
While these are possible dreams to look forward to, they are not tangible enough to give you any sense of direction or accomplishment to measure. They are not goals that empower actions. For your goals to have an empowerment factor to propel you towards the thing you want to achieve there needs to be some basic elements considered.
I use an acronym to help my clients remember the structure when they’re first creating goals. In writing your goals it is helpful to keep in mind the acronym: SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Relevant and Time-bound). Let’s look at each one.
Specific—goals should be specific to allow you to know what you are about and what areas you want to achieve in. They cannot be random and unclear.
Measurable—it’s important to know when you have achieved your goal and how or if you are achieving progress along the way. A lot of folks don’t pay attention here. And so they never know if they are making progress and what changes or tweaks are needed to keep them on track. What are your measures of incremental as well as final success over time? How do you know if you are making daily progress?
Action-Oriented—your goals MUST have action steps associated with them; these are what I call the strategies. Each goal needs to be broken down into steps. Are there preliminary actions needing to be taken before accomplishing a certain step? Do you have to be in contact with other resources to help you to be successful in getting started? What are those resources that are needed to help you get moving? Asking these questions begin to give you an idea of HOW you are going to achieve your goals.
Relevant—are your goals relevant to your overarching aim, mission, vision, passion or purpose? A goal should not be an unrelated, random thing to achieve. It cannot be unassociated with other areas of your life. It should make for a cohesive whole; all of you. This also helps you to stay motivated.
Time-Bound—do you have a time-factor tied in with your goals? By when are you working to achieve this goal?  
With this in mind, you are armed to begin to set goals to empower your progress along the way. Watch a video that explains the steps to set up each of the phases, and shows you how to create your strategies to get results.
Having good goals is only the beginning. It’s important to possess the will and perseverance to pursue them. Yet, will power is simply insufficient in helping you fulfill on goals. I am quite certain you have already come to this conclusion on your own if you have particularly given up on goals or backed away from them for one reason or another.
But why would willpower be insufficient? It’s a simple explanation: you are preprogrammed to achieve certain results or levels of accomplishment due to the experiences you’ve seen or had as you grew up during early parts of your life. Those experiences have set a ceiling on your performance and also on the self-limiting beliefs you experience as you set out to accomplish what you really want deep down.
The irony is that though you may want those goals badly, when you think of stepping out to get them, self-limiting thoughts show up that cause you to doubt your ability to achieve them and so you retreat. You may never have been aware of them before now, that they are even a ‘thing’ to pay attention to. Yet they are powerful enough to determine your destiny without your first having awareness about them.
Truthfully, the process of reprogramming may not be an easy one, simply because many people lack the perseverance, the know-how or the resources to help them get past those moments.  And so they remain stuck. Perhaps this has been a pattern for you over the years.
Maybe you’ve been putting it off, promising yourself to see a competent expert who can help you achieve the breakthrough. Whatever the reason is that you have not achieved it, is the very reason now why you should break free to try something new.
The fears, programming and the associated thoughts harbored in your subconscious mind will continue to keep you completely stuck unless you chose to do something different. Reprogramming your subconscious mind is a simple way to transform those early codes written in your earlier years, but which are still fully running your life.
You can get a free discovery session that will help you to realize what it is that’s stopping you and how you can completely break-free this very year.
To tackle this on your own requires some know-how that you can successfully do at home, with the perseverance required. It’s best to know that successful reprogramming quickest done in a trance-like state when you are half-way awake and asleep. This state is achieved during meditation. Meditation is an excellent way to reprogram your subconscious mind to change the codes that give you the results you do want.
This process of mediation includes visualizing yourself having achieved the results you want to achieve as well as affirmations and application (during meditation) of Divine principles that govern universal laws dealing with unity and oneness of all. These laws and principles are transformative in nature transforming the person involved in the act of meditating.
People tending to do affirmations without desired results are likely missing the latter steps. When you are out of alignment with the universal laws and principles manifestation is challenging. Fears and self-limiting beliefs are completely out of alignment with manifesting what you want. And so those elements will need to be overcome. These types of transformations occur during trance-like states.
Beyond this, getting in action around your goals that you’ve planned will begin the process of transforming your current circumstances, resulting in the progress you desire.


Having goals to empower your life is definitely needed to create the transformation you desire. The more strategic your goals are, the better.
Coupled with the above, dealing with the subconscious programming affecting your will power: fears and self-limiting beliefs among others, and getting in action around your strategic goals, are really important to achieving a fully transformed empowered life this year.
Reach out for an empowering conversation around what you need to do to achieve that this year.

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