By: Dr. Gwen Smith


Thriving in business is what everyone starts a business to do, yet many continue to strive and many fail. Clarity in business cannot be overstated. Everything rises and falls on you being clear about WHAT you will do.


Figuring out what—the product or service, is a basic step as you͛’ll need to then identify who you want to serve to be completely clear on this step. This is where people tend to fall down. They create a product or service they think that others will like, then make waves about it to get the attention of others to also like the product or service.


This is putting the cart before the horse, as it will be completely necessary to revisit your initial idea of a product or service once you͛’ve identified the people you are going to serve. In the ACT Breakthrough Model for Success, we highlighted Awareness, and in this article, our focus is on Creation.



In this phase you take the time to mentally create, be it fluidly, what you want to see happening in your business and with the people you want to serve. You cast your vision, which includes the type of people who will be clients. You also get to re-create yourself (mindset) and your environment to support your next big goal that you are up to.


Here is this week͛’s Facebook Live video to give you some details on the process.



You conduct your market research about the profiles of the people you want to serve to ensure that later messages can completely resonate. This market research starts off in a broad sense so you͛’re able to glean general trends, and from that broad search you will find trends to help you narrow your target audience. This process may take a while and is worth every single effort invested. From the data collected you can begin to fine-tune your product or service to more specifically address the needs of those you want to serve.


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