By: Dr. Gwen Smith

Profitability in business requires transformation not just in the way you do business, but most importantly and foremost, in your personal life, SELF as well as in how we interact with our ENVIRONMENT and OTHERS.  We often are led to believe that what we do in our personal lives or in other areas are separate and apart from our success in our businesses or careers. But not so.

If you research the spectrum of those who’ve achieved astronomical success, you’ll agree that there seems to be almost something innate about their way of being. Not only do they have inspiration from within, they also get into action around those inspiration, pay close attention to their environment and also value others in helping them reach their goals.


Successful business owners are forever conscious about SELF, not in the sense of self-consciousness, but rather in what they need to personally grow to achieve their goals. Self-growth almost always guarantees growth in the areas that matter to you.
ACT Breakthrough Model for Success

Transformation requires that you get in action and stay in action around goals that matter to you. This action is relaxed action, coming from a deep knowing and a place of ease . It’s like going downstream, with the flow. It doesn’t look like the rat race we’ve come to associate with success and it doesn’t look like resistance to what’s showing up.


Pulling from what was created in Phase of the previous article, you now need to get in action around what was created. To get in action requires that you are knowledgeable about what steps you’ll take to get to your goals.  Setting goals and strategies and acquiring skills, where needed, to develop self is necessary for transformation in your business.
This may require your looking in your ENVIRONMENT to see what’s missing or what needs to be added to support you. Sometimes it’s a skill or training to take you to the next level in order to complete all the tasks that you have to do. It often requires grit, commitment and integrity to stay on track.
Are you turned off by the daunting tasks of what you feel is needed to get the job done? Check your passion and commitment if you already have the skill that’s needed. You must be passionate about your business. If you lack the skill and you lack the budget to get some help, get the training or mentorship to support you It may take you a bit longer, and patience is required.


A budget may not be what’s needed to get the task done either. For sure, with or without money, you can engage OTHERS to help you. With a small budget you can hire virtual assistants to help you to get your work done. For $5-$10 per hour you can get help on Upwork. Fiverr is another place to hire help for design work and other tasks.
You can also enlist the support of someone to help. I can safely say that no one has ever made it successfully in business on their own. You need OTHER people to help support you, even if you have to exchange services initially until you’re profitable enough. So the latter is another way to get the help you need. If you choose to hire, there are some preparations that are needed.
Having a virtual assistant requires a bit of organization so you don’t  waste your money trying to find filler tasks for them to do. It’s good to have your tasks outlined so you have a good idea of the type of work and the number of hours you’ll need someone to hire for weekly. To help you get this done, do this simple brainstorming exercise.
Take a piece of paper and make a list of all of the tasks you do from day to day. Include everything: responding to emails, follow up phone calls and menial and big tasks too.
After making your list, put an “à” next to each item you feel that someone else can do for you. Remember this, if you can write the steps out for someone else to follow and do the task just as good as you think you can, you can probably assign it to someone else.
Don’t get carried away by holding on to stuff. Now spend some time creating a step-by-step video or a written manual on how to get the work done. When I first started in business years ago, this was how my tasks were done. Via video trainings and procedural manuals.
The beauty is once you’ve written the steps once, it lasts forever and you never have to spend hours training a new person all over again if the others did not work out.
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