By: Dr. Gwen Smith

If you are starting any type of business or if your current business is not bringing you profits you͛’d like to see, it may be worth your time to take a look at your foundation. This could likely ensure that you and your business thrives instead of strives.

Having invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in my business education and growth over the last seven years, I can tell you something that you too have probably already figured out: Education alone will not transform your business. There are distinct steps that any business desirous of thriving has to go through. These include very specific steps that really start with you and your personal life, as well as with awareness in your business.

These steps are represented in The ACT Breakthrough Cycle of Success ModelTM.


In this model, A is for Awareness, C is for Creation and T is for Transformation. We͛ll discuss each of these over a time frame in the appropriate months. I͛ll be sharing with you some steps to pay close attention to, which if missed, will surely spell failure of your business.

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Awareness addresses SELF, your environment and the people around you. When we talk about SELF, it͛s important for you to understand that who you define yourself to be with all the self-limitations, the events in your life, your current circumstances and what you have achieved, do not define YOU. However how you view self and the things that are important to you, matter in the long run. 

SELF is that part of you that notices (is aware) of all of these achievements and other life circumstances, or the lack of them, and is the factor which helps you move through the other parts of the model engaging your will and subconsciousness. As we will see later on, the latter plays a significant factor in your success. SELF is the objective part of you, which is limitless, in which all possibilities reside and is different from your identify or persona, that subjective self-limiting part of you by which you define yourself.

A deep awareness of SELF will open you up to wisdom and clarity around the things that are good for you, the things that you͛’ll love and in this case the business that fulfills you. As a business owner who may be unclear about getting started or who may be struggling with profits.

You may find that the struggle is first on the inside due to lack of clarity around WHAT business to pursue, or HOW to proceed in your businesses. The former is a question of clarity; the latter is a question of skills. Skills will be addressed in another article, and only involves about 20% of your success. The other 80% is about you..

Clarity includes you being clear about SELF first, and then about your message and who you will serve. Who is your ideal client and what exactly you will do to help to solve their problems. You must be completely clear about what you are delivering and to whom.

Missing this peace will keep you stuck indefinitely. You may download this one-page guide sheet

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 that will walk you through the questions to ask to identify the needs of your clients or avatar.

When I wondered in ͚Lala Land͛ with my business, this was the exact challenge I had. My deliverable was not tangible because my avatar wasn͛’t clearly defined. The reverse was also true; I could not serve my avatar because my deliverable did not identify a specific need.

What I offered was a matter of what people could not see; something inside (getting past fears, self-limiting beliefs, etc.). The challenge with this is that while people may feel that they want it, some are not even aware they need it, and others couldn͛’t identify tangible results or deliverables from having achieved it. And so essentially, it was theoretical, contributing to the extreme challenge I had finding my audience to serve.

Utilizing my decades of business training and experience, I͛’m now clear that I help business owners skyrocket their profits (from the inside out). I do the same work, only now there are tangible results (profits) that people know they want and they can now raise their hand to have it.

You will never move forward meaningfully unless you clearly identify a tangible deliverable result that people can raise their hand to identify that they need.

Next on clarity: If your business doesn͛’t bring you excitement and a strong desire to wake up each morning to work at it, or if you͛’re not advancing in any meaningfully measurable way, it may be time to go back to the basics.

Be clear about what you love, then do it!

Here is what͛s recommended: It͛s a FREE resource that will help you to dig into discovering what you may have missed in setting up the WHAT about your business.

I recommend that you spend some time in deep awareness figuring out this vital step.

Finally, being also aware of your environment and the people in it will help you make the progress you need to. But first, you must be able to notice opportunities and hindrances to those opportunities, including the people in your life.

Being aware of whether or not you͛’re moving, staying stagnant, wasting time trapped in the Procrastination BubbleTM or any such non-progressive mode, or even if you͛’re moving, identifying what contributes to those movements, are all important components of the awareness that needs to be developed.

I invite you to comment below about where you feel you are stuck, then come back next week to join the continued discussion in Part 2.

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