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Dr. Gwen Offers Free Course to Help Single, Homeless Moms and Donors Achieve Breakthrough Success in Life, Relationships and Work

Hanover, MD, September 8, 2016 – The stories are well known: troubled relationships, self-limiting beliefs, and people being stuck at jobs they hate, yet too afraid to escape. People are looking for answers on how to deal with life.  For single, homeless moms, the challenges can appear daunting and insurmountable. However, help is at hand. Dr. Gwen Smith offers a free course to help people achieve success in their lives, relationships and work.

Fear and self-limiting beliefs are unnecessarily ruining people’s lives and relationships

With over 70% of people in the US feeling stuck at jobs they do not like and others, having relationship and life issues, helping people get to the source of these issues have proven priceless.  Now, everyone, including homeless moms, facing fear and self-limiting beliefs can finally quit their lives of quiet desperation by taking advantage of the tools in this course and begin to transform their lives.

Life itself can be a challenge and homelessness is a huge issue. It’s devastating to mothers who want more for not only themselves but for their children. They need access to resources to help them transform their mindset.” says Dr. Gwen, breakthrough performance life-coach, international speaker, and author.

Her new breakthrough, life-discovery teaching has helped thousands of people quit their existing beliefs and embark on a clear, confident, new path to success. It will help people, even those who are homeless, begin to take steps to turn their lives around.

People can access the free course, and have the option of donating $1 to help defray the cost of offering the fully paid course ($397) for free to single homeless moms to have access. All donors will receive a $100 credit towards the full-paid course if they want to take advantage of the full course. Donations will go towards defraying the cost of the course, which will be delivered through The Golden Key Opportunity, Inc., a non-profit that empowers single homeless moms and their children.

Overcoming issues relating to self-sustenance and life in general, begins with the mindset. This is why this training is so valuable. It’s a win-win for both the donor and for these mothers. The donor gets the free mini training, and the moms will now be able to have access to the full training for free as a result of contributions,” says Dr. Gwen.


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