From Overwhelmed and Stressed to Clarified and In Control

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What do you need to give up in your day to cause you to feel more peaceful, more powerful, and more profitable? Do you know the answer? O r would you be guessing at what you think this would be?

Let’s have a conversation about getting from overwhelmed and stressed to clarified and in control; h ow to tame your life so you can enjoy your profits.

When I talk about profits, I want to be clear that I’ m not always talking about dollars and the bottom line that comes with it. Instead, I’m talking about your fulfillment and your enjoyment in life. Because, let’s face it, you can have as many dollars as you want but unless you are enjoying your life, it won’t matter. It simply won’t!

So in the interim, I want you to just consider that profits is not only about money, even though a lot of us want it and think that that is the only answer. What I’m about to share with you today is something that will help you to enjoy the dollars as they come along.

But allow me to share a bit of highlight about my personal story. You see, I am the productivity queen. No matter where I went, no matter what organization I found myself in, everyone knew that if something was going to get done, they should seek me out. I became the person that everybody knew would get things done.

I never really did have a boss breathing down my neck because most of the times I was in charge of other departments and other people, But my colleagues would often seek my assistance for getting stuff done on time the right way. There was a little bit of pride in that for me, I have to admit. Just knowing that I was able to accomplish my tasks, in an efficient way. But it came at a huge expense.

You see, I am the treadmill queen. I was the one who was always running around on the treadmill looking at the next task that is yet to be done, and being totally freaked out about completing what I was currently working on, so I could get to what’s next, thinking the sky was gonna fall in if I didn’t get to the next activity ‘on time’..

Everything had to work like clockwork for me, at a great expense to me.  My blood pressure went up quite often and I landed in the hospital a few times dealing with the stress I had allowed to build up in my body. It wasn’t good, though I was really ‘productive’. So when I started my own business, naturally I brought that same ‘productive’ approach with me: “clockwork baby, let’s get this done!”.

I produced a lot of things on my own before hiring assistance. I just thought that was the only way that I could be productive. But one day that led to a wake up call. I had a small clot pass through my brain. I was totally debilitated on the left side of my body. Basically was unable to walk in a proper upright gait and had to learn to use my left hand in many ways again. That truly was a wake up call for me. I discovered a lot of things as a result.

Naturally, I slowed down. I realized that if I didn’t, something else was going to give. It was going to be me! Not the task. I had to face that. I had to listen to my body. I slowed down and started paying attention. As a result , there were a lot of programs that I was able to develop that help others to overcome their stress levels challenges, and debilitating factors that they were facing in their lives.

Now I want to share some of the things with you that I discovered that I feel will help you take control of your day and reduce your stress.

The first thing I discovered was that how I viewed time was really causing me a lot of stress. Inevitably when I had a task or several tasks to do, my goal was always getting through that task and getting through it on time to get to the next one.

Even though those were timelines that I set up for myself, it didn’t matter. I’d worked to stay in integrity with myself each time I set a goal, but I would project that it would be terrible, if I didn’t meet the timelines, and that the ‘sky would fall’ if I didn’t meet the timeline. Though I still do get my tasks done now on time, it is with tremendous ease. I now view my time as abundant, and I refuse to project into the future butI focus instead on the task at hand. I view my time as flexible rather than fixed.

Just looking at how I viewed time was a single, great factor that allowed me to drop a ton of stress from the outset . That was huge. But, it just wasn’t sufficient. There were other changes that I needed to make to help me sort my life and be in control. And, that is the essence of what I share with you here.

There are four things that I think you need to put in your life, that I personally have used in mine and helped several clients to use, that will help you to go from overwhelmed and stress to clarified and in control, while enjoying profits, in no time. But you have to make certain that whatever I am asking you to do is not something that you’re going to look at as just theory; as something that you’re going to hear,going in one ear and out through the other, without taking action.

Because, the reality is that a lot of people who end up not getting any results in their lives don’t fulfill on the knowledge they have. Knowledge does not transform. I don’t care what anybody tells you. Knowledge does not transform. You must put that knowledge into action. Getting from overwhelmed and stressed to clarified and profitable requires action.

What actions? I’m going to go in a little bit of a different direction from a few of the productivity ‘gurus’ out there. They treat productivity as an event-by-event capsules, so to speak. It’s compartmentalization into which you separate everything  you do. You make a list of the things that you’re doing right now, and then you create another column to transfer the things you feel you can delegate to others. You’re only focused on just that task.


But, if you’re going to get to your life on track and be profitable and completely in control, you have to look at your whole life in its entirety. And I mean your whole life.

Watch the video below and go to the 8:26 time frame to pick up on the four tips that you need to get your life to clarified, in control and profitable today. 

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