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Having laid out your best plans for accomplishing your goals, having clarity around what results you want, and being in action around those plans are all steps that should guarantee your success. The trouble, however, is that most people don’t stay in action despite their best intentions and often feel powerless to change their circumstances. This is a result of their BLUEPRINT which stops them. The blueprint is what they have allowed themselves to hold as truths around their experiences and abilities.

So what is your BLUEPRINT?

Your BLUEPRINT is the set of beliefs that you bring to each circumstance in your life. It is your subconscious mind at work. You’ve probably noticed that no matter what you do in your life, you tend to end up about the same place most of the times. The same thoughts or circumstances seem to show up repeatedly even if you are in new situations.

For example, some people leave their ‘unpleasant jobs’ to find a new one to change the circumstances they are escaping. However what they find is that the same situation follows them around. It’s like they’re being stalked. This is because of the blueprint they have. Your blueprint goes with you wherever you go and it will always dictate your results unless you do something about it.

How you got your blueprint

Your blueprint was developed from all of your experiences in life; either personal experiences or vicarious experiences. It sets a lid on what you believe is possible for yourself to achieve. As you have no doubt come to realize, what you believe is what you achieve. Unless you change it, you will likely have that lid placed on all of your results no matter what situation you’re in. Getting new results requires that you reset your lid to a new level to get to a new place in your life.

 If your belief is lower than the standards of the goals you are working to achieve, you will unwittingly sabotage your success every single time. It is automatic. It is no accident that you have the results you have now in your life. No one else is responsible for it. You, your thoughts and what you do about those thoughts and circumstances contribute to the results you now have.

Achieving more than what you now have requires that you become a different person, mentally first. It requires awareness of what you are about in life and resetting your blueprint to match what you are working to produce. To produce different results, you need a different set of blueprints.

How can this be done?

Your subconscious and conscious minds are likened to an iceberg. The tip above the surface, 10%, is the only part that you may constantly be aware of. You also think that it is actually running the show. The 90% below the surface is the subconscious which literally runs the entire show even without your thinking about it. It is developed by what you allow yourself to interact with, listen to or hold as “truths” from your past experiences. It is what you have seen others experience, what others have said to you about what you are capable of achieving and what you have eventually internalized as being truths about those experiences. It was created by you out of your experiences. 

Every good wish and every deep desire is manipulated by your subconscious mind or blueprint. To escape its grip requires that it be reprogrammed to get different sets of results. If not, you will be spinning your wheels at this point too, just as when you are not clear about what your focus and passions are. 

Refer to this article to read a bit more about the dynamics of the subconscious mind on your actions and what you can do about it.

As a general summary, your reprogramming can be the result of extreme life events which may include complete frustration with your current circumstances in life. In other words, when you get to the place where the desire for change far exceeds the hurts and discomforts of your current situation then you will rise above the circumstances and create a new blueprint for action.  There are other tools used to reprogram the subconscious mind that you will read about in this article.

Additional tools are listening to positive thought leaders, inspirational music, and most certainly being around people who think in the direction you are headed. It requires constant examination and subliminal training to be reprogrammed. And the wonderful news is that it can be. Once that blueprint is addressed, there is a great side benefit.

A great side benefit to resetting your blueprint

While having the best laid goals, the right thoughts and a positive mindset create the tone for your success, the one thing that you must do is to stay in action. No amount of affirmations and positive thinking by itself will get you to success. You’ll really need to be committed. Resetting your blueprint has the great side benefit of impacting your commitments. Once you believe something can be done, you tend to stay more committed to seeing it through. Most people don’t commit because they don’t believe the results they want will happen. 

Commitment allows you to get up and do what you said you will do regardless of feelings or convenience of circumstances; AND it is strengthened by your beliefs about what’s possible. You continuously look for new openings for action and take action. Also when you are committed, you’ll find every possible means of creating success. Additionally, commitment is less of a challenge when you’ve re-invented your blueprint of belief and ‘truths’.

Finally, remember everything starts with passion

In conclusion, implementing strategies to eliminate or reprogram your faulty blueprint will address the inertia in producing results when you stay in action. If you are finding that you are not making progress despite your reprogramming efforts, and if challenges, conflicts and hurdles continue to resurface internally, it’s time to really re-examine what you are doing to see if it is the right thing for you. Get aligned with your passions.

So coming back full circle, your passions create the beginning of your success cycle and everything starts with knowing what you are passionate about. Your blueprint and commitment to stay in action will determine whether you get there or not.

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