By: Dr. Gwen Smith

I’ve previously spoken about the power of clarity in achieving what you want in your life. My entire ACT Breakthrough Cycle of Success ModelTM is based on the premise that clarity is key. This is the reason that the first thing I encourage my clients to do is to know the what before their why; getting clear about what they ‘want’ to do.

Yet often people tend to jump ahead taking on ventures without first becoming clear about whether it is for them, or even what they are trying to accomplish.
Not being clear about what you are doing or about what you are working to accomplish will greatly stall your success or lead to failure; not just from the lack of clarity perspective, but also from the perspective of having the Divine show up to guide you easily along your path.
If you’re feeling as though you are not progressing in your life or your business, or any other venture for that matter, as rapidly as you could despite all the things that you are doing right, take a look at your clarity around what you are working to achieve.

It May Require Looking Outside to Tap In

Getting clear at times is not as simple as we’d like it to be, especially when we have the noise of the outer world clamoring for our attention. The best way to be clear is to shut out all the noise and to focus within. I do this during meditation. Yet at times too, the outer world can give us clues that we should use to tap inside to further meditate on.
Yet even when we have a great system of meditating and gaining clarity, there are still those times when we may struggle it seems to attain clarity in some other areas of our lives and businesses.
I was quite recently reminded of this. I had struggled for almost two years to get clear on where I wanted to focus my business. There were many areas that I loved and that evoked my passion but it was a matter of honing in on the language so I could have an accurate description of who the women were that I would serve. I labored over this, going back and forth, sometimes ignoring the intuition that I was given.
Beyond this, try as hard as I may, I could not visualize success that I wanted to have, because I wasn’t clear. I wasn’t moving as fast as I thought I could, despite all of the work that I was putting in. The lack of clarity increased. I felt stalled each time I was to take another step.
Yet, I reasoned and swirled the ideas around in my mind, knowing fully well that the place that I needed to tap in was at the core of who I was. Unfortunately knowing that didn’t stop me from going there repeatedly. And each time I purposed to release the reasoning and tap into my Divine Source, I got flashes of inspiration only to discover a few days later that I was back to reasoning again, increasing the cloudiness. Each time however that I got a new flash of inspiration was clearer than the times before. And so I knew that I was making progress.
How did I know that I was not all clear? I had an unsettled feeling in my gut that directed me that I had not quite yet found the answer. Having learned to trust that gut sense, my Divine intuition, I knew better than forcing the issue.
And so I continued to wait and to meditate on what I wanted for increased clarity and for the all-clear signal.
Remaining open and optimistic that the answer would come while still searching the depths of my being inched me closer each time to a more satisfying insight. Having made the mistake before, of rushing ahead without clarity and creating disaster, I knew better to wait this time so I don’t waste my time and other resources.
During this process, for every moment during my meditation when I worked to get myself in gear, visualizing my success, it seems as though all I could achieve was a cloudy wall. I just couldn’t engage my senses in the creation of this event.

You Have To Pay Attention To What Shows Up To Support You

I continued my research, reading, learning and then checking in with my internal core to see if what I was arriving at had hit home; then came across an incredible resource that led me to a series of questions so I could become clear about this. Then finally, voila!! It happened. The insight fell on my heart and page in perfect harmony, and seemed to synergize with all the previous insights that I had gotten before. Then I realized that my revelations were coming in parts. It all fell together.
My subsequent meditation revealed vivid images, emotions and thoughts that completely inspired me. And I was then able to move forward with crystal clarity and rapid speed to achieve what I hadn’t all this while.
For the first time I was finally clear about this! All the next actions that were necessary became evident to me. Then I made a discovery.

Success At Times Comes Bit-By-Bit

Success doesn’t come in one fell swoop most of the times. It often comes in stages. If you are not alert and staying open, you may consider each bit of success a failure because it doesn’t achieve the final goal. And so you might have given up in the past.
As you no doubt may already know clarity comes easily for some things, while much more slowly for others. I caution you to pay attention to every bit of guidance that you get that feels right in the moment, even if it doesn’t take you to the finish line just yet. Dismissing it could cloud the final solution that will get you what you want.
Stay open and take the tiny step that is revealed while you continue to seek increased clarity. Taking massive actions even while you have a bit of uneasiness that you’re not clear can be a mistake which hinders or halts your success. I’ve learned to wait to get a clear answer as I check in to my Divine Source to guide me from past experiences.
I no longer rush ahead.
Waiting for clarity is the absolute best thing to do. When clarity strikes, you can run with such full speed ahead, that you’ll often surpass all the days, months or years you spent waiting.
So remember the next time you feel stuck and confused, get clear before you move forward. Jumping ahead will often set you back when you are not clear that what you are doing is the right thing for you. Waiting for that confirmation from the Divine, however, which you will most certainly feel in the core of your being, will set you light years ahead towards the success you’ve always wanted, and you’ll be so much happier having achieved it.
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